Redesigned LinkedIn App Released For iPhone

Redesigned LinkedIn App Released For iPhone

Version 6.0 of LinkedIn’s iPhone app was released today, featuring a brand new design, as well as personalized navigation and interaction throughout the app. Images are bigger, everything flows better – it’s a significant update.

The Verge:

The company’s old design featured a sequence of nonstop gray blocks that were packed with information, but now LinkedIn is replacing those with big and bright tiles that give more room to each of the stories in the news stream, similar to the iPad app that it released last year. 

This update comes in the light of LinkedIn’s takeover of RSS app Pulse, and while it doesn’t seem to have been integrated as of yet, that’s no doubt something for the near future.

Other changes for 6.0 include more languages (Norwegian, Dutch and Turkish) and bug and crash fixes.

You can read the official LinkedIn blog post here or download the app here. The update has also been released for Android.