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pod2g: Don’t Expect Another Jailbreak Until iOS 7

pod2g: Don’t Expect Another Jailbreak Until iOS 7

With the release of iOS 6.1.3, Apple officially killed off the exploits required for the “Evasi0n” untethered jailbreak, leaving many users to wonder when it would be “safe” to update their jailbroken devices to Apple’s latest firmware. According to iOS hacker and Evad3rs team member Pod2g, the answer is that it probably won’t happen until Apple releases iOS 7.

It’s possible that Apple may release an iOS 6.2 update before iOS 7 is available – but that’s a best-case scenario, and even if Apple does release such an update, it will likely be several months down the road. What this means for jailbreakers is that if you want to keep your device jailbroken, you’d be best advised to refrain from updating your device past iOS 6.1.2 for the foreseeable future.

At a time when iOS exploits are few in number (and hard to come by), hackers simply can’t afford to devote time to finding new exploits for smaller updates. Doing so would make it that much more difficult to jailbreak the next major release – and that’s apparently a risk that the Evad3rs team is not willing to take.

  1. MRonin ⚜ says:

    Honestly there wasn’t anything in this last update that was compelling enough to return my phone to stock. In my mind the lock screen thing is a tempest in a teapot, I don’t need updated maps for Japan, and wanted to keep my phone jailbroken. So I couldn’t see a reason to install it. 6.2 might come out, though if the rumors are right and they are pulling developers to work on iOS 7 then I don’t see a version 6.2 coming.

    I’ve got a theory about how the jailbreaks are happening though. It’s probably totally off base and I don’t claim to know the first thing about the details of a jailbreak. However it seems to me that given (seemingly) how few exploits are available to use for the purpose of facilitating a jailbreak. That those doing it are in a sense shooting themselves in the foot. The reason being that by publishing the jailbreak they advertise to Apple what has been missed in QA and testing, they’ve shown their hand to Apple who turns around and shuts them down. So it’s possible that there will come a point that a jailbreak might only be seen once per iOS release cycle if that due to a shrinking number of ways around Apples locks. Like I said, I’m probably way off base but it’s something that has been running around in my brain for a while now.

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