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Review: Golla iPhone 5 Slim Folder And Hard Cover

Review: Golla iPhone 5 Slim Folder And Hard Cover

iPhone cases fit into two categories: fashion or practical. The geek that I am, I tend to have a penchant for the latter, however if there are some genuinely cool looking fashionable cases around, I’ll definitely give them a try. Golla was kind enough to give me a couple to try out at MWC: the Slim Folder and Hard Cover cases for iPhone 5. Reporting back, they’re definitely fashionable, and surprisingly practical.

Photo 09-04-2013 16 16 51


Golla is well known case brand, and so you’re guaranteed a good looking, slick case. I was given the pink version of the Slim Folder case, so for reasons of dignity/masculinity, I probably won’t be using it out in public. Nevertheless, it’s got the Golla logo imprinted on the front of the case, which produces a nice texture and feel.

Photo 09-04-2013 16 17 27

The Hard Cover case is simple and straightforward, the one I received has a chrome finish, which is nice. It has got the Golla logo on the bottom half of the case in bright yellow. If you’re not one for branding, this probably isn’t the one for you.


Both obviously have access to all the controls, which is almost given in any iPhone case. From a functionality point of view, the Slim Folder is the more interesting of the two, as the Hard Cover is a standard plastic case.

Photo 09-04-2013 16 17 03

The Slim Folder has a nice magnetic clasp to close and open the case, and it feels pretty sturdy. The plastic part on the inside that holds your iPhone is rubberised so it won’t scratch your iPhone, which is something quite a few poorly designed cases do.

Despite it being more of a fashion accessory, I would feel quite comfortable dropping by iPhone in this case from a normal height.


Photo 09-04-2013 16 17 34

What you’ll get above all with these cases is style, something that looks good and feels of good quality. If you want ultimate protection I wouldn’t recommend these, even though I feel that the Slim Folder does offer a decent amount of protection from your average drop.

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Hardcover €19,90, Slim Folder €24.90


  • Stylish
  • Good quality
  • Slim Folder offers decent protection and nice magnetic clasp


  • Not the ultimate in protection, but can’t really be expected of these cases.