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  • Review: Walter’s Flying Bus – An Inspiring Storybook of Dreams Taking Flight!

Review: Walter’s Flying Bus – An Inspiring Storybook of Dreams Taking Flight!

Review: Walter’s Flying Bus – An Inspiring Storybook of Dreams Taking Flight!

In the Animated storybook “Walter’s Flying Bus” the main character finds an abandoned bus, and with the help of his friends and their dreams, works on the bus until it roars to life, helping the children to realize their dreams. This is not your standard fantasy interactive book however, “Walter’s Flying Bus” is inspired by the real-life hopes and dreams of Walter and his friends who all live at a special needs orphanage in Uganda.



Walter who lives in the orphanage with his friends, was badly burned as a boy, yet despite this, he dreams of adventure, and hopes to be a bus driver someday, Using animation, a delightful soundtrack and animation, this interactive storybook tells a wonderful story about Walter and his friends as they go on their imaginative adventure.

The interface of the app is simple, and easy to use. A child could easily figure out how to use the app, but I would suggest an adult sit down with their child and go through the app at least the first time. Apps like this are meant to be shared between a parent and child.


The story is told by a delightful narrator and also child voice actors. The background music fits the setting of the tale and adds to the enjoyment of the story, although it can be turned off if you wish. The narration can be set to tell the story in English, Spanish, and Luganda.

The story can bet set to auto advance during the telling of the tale, or you can manually advance through the story, taking time to interact with the environment. While there is interactivity, there seems to be a lesser amount in this app than others that I have reviewed. However, this does not in any way lessen the entertainment value of the app. As is usual for apps of this type, you can jump to any spot in the tale.


One delightful feature, that I feel you and your children will enjoy are the mini-documentary videos of the real-life orphanage inhabitants that inspired the tale of Walter and his friends. Each video tells the user about the child, and his or her special needs, and special dreams. This is why I highly suggest sitting down and interacting with the app along with your child. I’m sure the videos will lead to discussions between you and your offspring.



I would highly recommend “Walter’s Flying Bus” as a storybook app to share with your child. The inspiring story and presentation will bring enjoyment to most any child, and is also a wonderful learning opportunity for both children and parents alike. While watching and interacting with the story and videos, many children will be delighted to learn about children who may seem different on the surface, but have the same hopes and dreams as any child anywhere.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of after-tax profits from the sale of this app, both the iPhone and iPad versions, go to efforts helping orphans with special needs, including orphan care and support for families completing adoptions.

Check out Walter and his friends, they’ll put a smile on your face, and you just might learn something.

Rating: 4/5[rating:4]

Price: $4.99 (iPhone version) and $6.99 (iPad version


  • Delightful animation and music
  • Videos of the children who inspired the story is informative and inspiring.
  • The app allows parents and their children to interact with both the app, and each other.


  • I sound like a broken record, but use the full screen of the iPhone!