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Survey: 19% of Consumers Likely to Buy an Apple ‘iWatch’

Survey: 19% of Consumers Likely to Buy an Apple ‘iWatch’

A new survey shows there would be good demand for an Apple ‘iWatch” if such a beast ever came to exist. 19% of surveyed consumers say they are “likely” to buy such a timepiece.



The new data from ChangeWave Research published on Friday found that 5 percent of consumers considered themselves “very likely” to purchase a smart watch from Apple for themselves or someone else. Another 14 percent indicated they are “somewhat likely” to do the same.

As a comparison, back in January of 2010, 18% of consumers polled said they would buy a hypothetical Apple tablet, with just 4% of those responding “very likely.” Another poll conducted way back in the stone age of 2005 found 18% of those surveyed would be interested in buying an Intel-based Mac.


The survey shows the demand is there for an “iWatch” if Apple were to release such a device. As we know, the iPad has dominated tablet sales since its 2010 introduction, and the switch to Intel boosted Mac sales to new peaks.

The biggest reason for the interest in an Apple smart watch? Loyalty to Apple. 18% of “likely” buyers said their trust in the company is the main driver for them. Another 16% are mostly interested in the convenience factor, 14% said their driving reason would be the “cool factor,” and 11% said it was because of how easily they believe such a device would interact with other Apple products.

“Apple’s track record of delivering ultra-convenient, easy to use products with a perceived ‘cool factor’ is driving pre-release demand for the rumored Apple ‘iWatch,'” said Andy Golub of 451 Research’s ChangeWave service. “While an ‘iWatch’ doesn’t yet exist – and if it ever does it will have to live up to super high expectations – it has the potential to be another huge success for the Cupertino, Calif., manufacturer.”

The results come from a survey of 1,713 primarily North American respondents, and was conducted March 4 through 19.

So, how about it readers? Would you buy an ‘iWatch?” Would you throw your lot in with another smart watch? Or would you even bother? Please, share your thoughts in the comments section below.