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ZenDock – Dock Your MacBook Pro and Clean up Your Tangled Cables

ZenDock – Dock Your MacBook Pro and Clean up Your Tangled Cables

I love my MacBook Pro, the portability is great, but I hate the tangle of wires I have to deal with when I’m using it on my desk at home with my monitor, FireWire, network, USB, and speaker cables. ZenDock, a new Kickstarter project has come up with a way to keep your desktop clear of clutter, and making it easier than ever to efficiently and neatly dock your MacBook Pro when using it on your desktop.

From the ZenDock Kickstarter page:

ZenDock has been in development for just over a year. Around four months ago we tested the concept and received an overwhelming response. We set out to build ZenDock with two design principles in mind – First was to build an elegant solution that would seamlessly integrate with your MacBook and second was to build a device that just works, yet doesn’t get in your way. 


The idea of the ZenDock is simple, you plug one end into your MacBook Pro or Retina display MacBook Pro, and at the other end of a cable is the place you plug in all your cables. So, all you have on your desktop is a neat dock interface plugged into your MacBook, while the other, messy end is hidden behind your desk where no one can see it.

The ZenDock folks designed their new product to use already proven electronics. “We started out by purchasing every USB 3.0 hub and sound adapter we could find, and tested each one first hand. Once we finally found electronics that we were happy with, we went to those companies directly and negotiated large quantity and custom purchase arrangements.” says the site.


For main cable production, they researched dozens of custom cable manufacturers to find just the right manufacturers for their cable components. They also searched high and low for the perfect fabricator for their CNC milled enclosures.

From what we can see, the ZenDock looks like just what the average MacBook user needs. It’s a simple, yet ingenious way to reduce the clutter on your work desk, and lord knows we can all do with our desktop clutter being reduced a bit.


I can’t wait to see the finished product, and here’s hoping we can get out hands on one to try it out.

Be sure to visit the ZenDock folks at their Kickstarter page, and be sure to make a pledge if the project appeals to you.

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