Apple Store is Down! (Updated)

Apple Store is Down! (Updated)

It has been a while since Apple has given us anything new – but as of this moment, the Apple Store is down! Tonight, it greets us once more with its cheerful “we’ll be back!” teaser.


Will Apple surprise us all with something new (maybe an OS X 10.9 preview, or new 802.11ac AirPort products?), or are they just working on the site? The timing suggests it is probably maintenance – but only time will tell. We’ll let you know if we see anything new when it comes back up!

Update: 5/22/13 – Apple has indeed updated the look and feel of the Apple Store online. They’ve posted new Father’s Day advertising, and also a revamped look for the store. The main page of the store now offers an all-feature design with a focus on product images.

Gone is the left sidebar that offered direct access to accessory categories, as well as links to refurbished and clearance items. Users now must drill-down into product categories via the top “shop” navigation bar, and the refurbished and clearance stores can be reached via links along the bottom of the page.


Previously, the left sidebar had offered quick access to accessory categories for Apple’s various product lines, as well as links to the company’s refurbished and clearance stores. Shoppers looking for accessories must now drill down through the product categories along the top “shop” navigation bar to reach the various accessories, while links to the refurbished and clearance stores are listed at the bottom of the page.