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Facebook App ‘Bang With Friends’ Goes Mobile With iPhone and Android App Release

Facebook App ‘Bang With Friends’ Goes Mobile With iPhone and Android App Release

Bang With Friends, the Facebook-powered app with almost a million users that well, helps you well, do exactly what its name says, has just launched its iPhone and Android apps.



If you’ve somehow missed all the Bang With Friends commotion, here’s all you need to know: Bang With Friends tries to help you find folks amongst your Facebook social circle who share a common interest. And by “common interest”, I mean a desire to shag each other.

Once you’re logged into the app, you can privately select which friends, of either sex, you’d like to get to know, (in the biblical sense), if one of the friends you picked also happens to have picked you, then Bang With Friends will automatically connect you with them online so you can then “connect” offline. If there is no match, then no one ever has to know, it’s your little secret.

Until the launch of the mobile app, the service was entirely web-only. The addition of a mobile app seems to make sense, considering the aim of the app.

The mobile app has all the features the web-only version has, but it also adds two new features:

  • An Undo button, which let’s you change your mind if you chicken out over getting to know your friend a little more up close and personally. Believe it or not, previously there was no way you could deselect a friend if the fire down below you had for them fizzled out. Now, you simply tap the button a second time, and your crush is forgotten. (At least by the app.)
  • An “Up For Hang” button — Interested in one of your buddies, but would rather just hang out for awhile with the person and see if you would really like to get to know them better, just tap the “Up for Hang” button or flick upwards and you’ll be marked as wanting to hangout with your clothes on. (Careful, if you try to deselect the “Up for Hang” button by flicking down, it will deselect that option, but it will also activate the “Down to Bang” option. Could be a little embarrassing, eh?)

It’s a little surprising that the prudes at Apple approved this one, but I suppose the app is just being a little more honest than most dating apps as to the aim of its matching services.

Bang With Friends is available FREE for the iPhone in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]

Bang With Friends for Android is available FREE on Google Play. [DIRECT LINK]

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