Google Begins Roll-Out of Chrome Conversational Search Features

Google Begins Roll-Out of Chrome Conversational Search Features

At its I/O keynote earlier this month, Google unveiled its new conversational, Google Now-like voice search for the desktop. The new feature would allow Chrome users to drill down into searches and their results by using only their voice. Today Google has finally started rolling out the feature for Chrome users.


After updating to the latest version 27.0.1453.93 of Chrome, users can navigate to, click the microphone icon, and choose to allow the new Google Voice search feature to begin listening. Google will only ask for permission to listen once and from then on users can simply speak in order to search. For certain search results such as questions Google will also provide audible results.

It appears not quite all of the functionality is available. During the demo, Google executives were activating the feature by simply saying, “OK, Google,” and then were able to do a hands-free search from the search results page. Currently, the release version requires the user to click the mic icon to start a voice search.

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