Office for Mac 2011 Update Brings Office 365 Support

Office for Mac 2011 Update Brings Office 365 Support

Microsoft has updated Office for Mac 2011, fixing some bugs, adding some features, and adding compatibility with the Office 365 subscription service.

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The latest Office for Mac 2011 version 14.3.4 includes a variety of feature additions that brings the application suite somewhat up to spec with its Windows counterpart, and includes bug fixes for compatibility issues that hindered interoperability between PC and Mac versions of Word, Outlook and other titles.

In what could be the most important update, Microsoft added the ability for existing Office for Mac 2011 users to integrate with Office 365, the subscription service that gives users access to the latest and greatest software updates, SkyDrive cloud storage, and SharePoint access for Word.

Fixes included in the new version:

  • Coauthoring session with Microsoft PowerPoint Web App and Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac
  • After token expires, does not prompt for credentials in Microsoft Outlook for Mac
  • Calibri Light font not included in Office for Mac
  • SetupUI is shown to user on start after Office for Mac is already activated
  • Saving files to SkyDrive and SharePoint in Microsoft Word for Mac
  • Folder contains excess white space: Error 1025 in Outlook for Mac
  • XLIST command that is used by Gmail is deprecated in Outlook for Mac
  • Local group mail cannot be sent in Outlook for Mac
  • Remote devices lose control while in Presentation Mode in Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac
  • File format extension support in PowerPoint for Mac
  • Searching continues after user cancels in Outlook for Mac
  • Items go into Junk Mail in Outlook for Mac
  • Blocked Senders List under Junk Email Protection in Outlook for Mac

Tuesdays update will allow Office 2011 users to sign up for Microsoft Office 365 if they’d like. A subscription to the Home Premium edition runs $99.99 per year, or $9.99 per month. The subscription allows the use of Office on up to five computers.

The update is available through Auto Update or Microsoft’s website.