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  • Review: Clashot – An Interactive Photo Community for iOS That Makes You Money

Review: Clashot – An Interactive Photo Community for iOS That Makes You Money

Review: Clashot – An Interactive Photo Community for iOS That Makes You Money

I am a sucker for photography apps, there is something alluring about being able to take, edit and upload perfect photos on the go. What if there was a way to not only capture these moments and perfect them, but to post them in a community where they could also be purchased, in turn, making you some mullah? Then you need to check out Clashot, free in the App Store.


Clashot is an application that allows users to not only capture photos, but upload them to an entire community of photos and photographers where they can then be commented on, rated and even make you some money! We all take pictures anyway, why not capitalize on our images?


The Clashot application is a little confusing at first. As with any networking app, users are required to create a login, followed by agreeing to the terms of use and service, one item I did notice was that “Clashot discharges to the user a payment of 44% of the actual payment” which I suppose is to be expected. Users can also opt out of having their photos for sale on the site when they accept the terms and conditions. If users opt to have their photos available for sale, they can link a PayPal or WebMoney account with the application, once there is a balance available from a purchase, the user can then request the funds be transferred to their linked account. One side note, the transfer may take up to 7 days to be completed.

After creating a login and agreeing to the terms, I was ready to roll. The interface is similar to that of Instagram, you follow users whose photos you like, gain followers based on your uploads and have images in a gallery. The biggest difference I noticed right away was that images were uploaded into separate albums or galleries, known by Clashot as “reports” rather than albums. Users can create multiple reports of images and classify them in a variety of ways, from titles and tags, to descriptions and categories. The more information users provide for their reports and images, the more likely they will be seen by the Clashot community. Items uploaded to Clashot are able to be shared to Facebook and Twitter if users elect to link their accounts, further promoting their images and presence on Clashot.


As with most photo networking sites, the images hosted in the community are from all over the world, which makes being a part of the Clashot community all the more exciting. Sharing images things we see every day can be exciting to others, basic surroundings may be marvels for someone halfway around the globe. The whole idea of photo networking is being able to see through the eyes of someone else and Clashot assists in connecting users with the world. Like reports, comment on images and rate what you see, the application allows for a ton of interactivity between users.

Verdict [rating:4]

Overall Clashot is an incredibly interactive application that allows users to not only browse images and connect with the Clashot community, but make some money doing it. If you love Instagram, sharing images and networking through photos, Clashot may be the app for you, and don’t forget the extra monetary incentive for being part of the Clashot community!

Check out Clashot, free in the App Store! For more information, visit Clashot.com.


  • Allows users to network and connect with others
  • Images uploaded by users can be purchased by others
  • Users can opt out of selling their photos
  • Images are organized by reports (albums)


  • Users only get 44% of photo sales (Clashot has to make a profit somewhere, right?)