Review: Dash & Bash – An Exhilarating New Physics Game for iPhone

Review: Dash & Bash – An Exhilarating New Physics Game for iPhone

Finding a fun, engaging game for iPhone that is easy enough to understand, yet difficult enough to make you want to keep playing can sometimes be difficult, the right amount of challenge mixed with the right objective makes a perfect game. Finally, there is a new game on the market that hits the nail on the head! Step aside Angry Birds, there is a new, addicting bird game in town: Dash & Bash, only $0.99 in the App Store!


Dash & Bash is an extremely fun, yet highly addicting game. I am not one who generally uses my iPhone for games, unless I am trying to kill time, but I think I may have found a game that I will want to play, just for fun. When Angry Birds first hit the scene, I was a fan, like most people, however I grew tired of their constant releases and remakes of the same game. I have since pretty much quit playing Angry Birds altogether. I have been eagerly awaiting a new game that could fill that void.

The objective of Dash & Bash is simple; get to the finish line as fast as possible. The catch? With each level come new obstacles. The game itself is simple enough at first, however, the difficulty mounts as the levels go on. Users play a few levels on the same track, with an increasing amount of obstacles being added every time. As levels go on, gamers enter new rounds, where the tracks change; they each have their own theme, sort of like Angry Birds, but in my mind, better. I really enjoy that the objective in Dash & Bash is to race to the finish line.


When I first opened Dash & Bash I wasn’t sure what to expect, I also had no clue how to play. Luckily Dash & Bash provides little tidbits of information as new obstacles, challenges and game boosters are introduced, providing enough information for the gamer, without taking too much time to explain. There is also a short comic strip between rounds that depicts the feud between Dash, the duck that gamers race with, and Bash, his arch nemesis, of sorts. Simply start a level, and if there is something new being added to the level, a short description and image of the new item are shown to the user, requiring a click to proceed, boom, done, onto playing.

The tracks in Dash & Bash are fun and provide a nice change of scenery as gamers advance to the next rounds. The introductory round is a river setting, then onto a spooky, graveyard setting, followed by a gooey, gumdrop round, reminiscent of Candy Land, the excitement just keeps on coming. So far, Dash & Bash has 5 rounds, with the promise of round 6, coming soon. For me, I love a game that introduces new rounds as time goes on, it keeps gamers engaged and excited about playing.


The gaming character, Dash is capable of flying and diving, with the simple placement of a finger, either above the water for flying, or below the water for diving. Flying and diving are important, they keep Dash from banging into obstacles that slow him down. A series of new obstacles are introduced at every level, but enhancements are also added, like fruit boosters that help Dash transform into Super Dash, where he races at super sonic speed, and Duckeenies, which surround Dash with a forcefield, protecting him from obstacles.

Verdict [rating: 5]

Overall, Dash & Bash is one of the more exciting games to hit the App Store. A simple objective with the perfect degree of difficulty keeps users entertained and wanting more. If you were/are an Angry Birds lover, you need to give Dash & Bash a shot, its worth the $0.99!

Download Dash & Bash now for iPhone, only $0.99 in the App Store!


  • Aesthetically appealing imagery
  • Fun, engaging levels and rounds
  • Extremely fun to play
  • Simple objective, perfect amount of difficulty


  • Only 5 rounds, can’t wait for round 6!