Review: Mementum – The Smart and Handy Voice Reminder for OS X

Review: Mementum – The Smart and Handy Voice Reminder for OS X

We’re all used to reminders on our iPhones, but what if you do most of your work on the Mac? And wouldn’t it be great to be able to leave yourself a voice reminder along with the alarm? That’s the idea behind Mementum, a new reminder app for the Mac that bills itself as “The Smart and Handy Voice Reminder.”



Mementum allows you to quickly record and save handy voice reminders while you’re working on your Mac. The app allows you to categorize your reminder in any one of seven categories, and also allows you to see which reminders are coming up, which ones have been completed, and what reminder is running overdue.

I found Mementum easy to use and simple to figure out. I was able to easily bring up the new reminder dialog box and record and categorize a reminder without needing to look for any help or documentation. (If all else fails, read the directions.)

A simple hotkey combination, (Cmd+Shift+M) and the new reminder dialog box popped up, and immediately began recording. (The app used my MacBook’s built-in mic, and it sounded great, even with a dishwasher running in the background.


After recording, you can categorize your reminder, add text notes if you wish, and then set the reminder for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes by using handy default buttons, or you can set a custom time and date if the default selections aren’t what you’re looking for.

My reminders popped up at the set times, and played my vocal reminders back to me. You can’t ask a lot more of a reminder app than that.

I did find a few things I wish could be changed, for example, if your reminder doesn’t fit into any of the default categories, you can’t add a custom category, also the app will only remind you at the appointed time if it’s loaded and running in the background. This is really just the nature of a Mac app, I’m just spoiled by iOS apps reminding you even if they aren’t running.



If you do a lot of work on the Mac, and are constantly leaving yourself reminders via post it notes or calendar entries, you may want to take a look at Mementum. It’s an easy way to quickly set reminders, with a quick voice note to help you remember why you set the reminder in the first place.

Mementum is only $4.99 and could quickly become one of your most used apps on your Mac.


Price: $4.99 – Available in the Mac App Store. [DIRECT LINK]


  • Easy to use.
  • The hotkey combination instantly starts a new reminder and starts recording.
  • The combination of reminders and voice notes is a great idea.


  • If the app isn’t running it won’t remind you, unlike a calendar reminder.
  • Lack of custom categories could be a drawback for some users.
  • Each reminder has to be individually deleted when the time comes. Multiple reminders cannot be selected and deleted.