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Review: Safecard – Securely Save Passwords, Cards, and Private Information on IOS

Review: Safecard – Securely Save Passwords, Cards, and Private Information on IOS

Safety and security in the form of things like passwords, credentials, and credit cards is an everyday issue. It can get overwhelming trying to keep track of and remember important personal information such as usernames, business cards, and account or credit card numbers. Even if you were able to manage a number of different accounts individually, to keep it more organized you would want something that may be more safe and time-saving.

Safecard (Free, App Store Link) from Werasoft does all this and more efficiently and securely by allowing the user to archive and search personal and sensitive data such as credit cards and passwords to more simpler items like coupons and notes.


Safecard is an innovative app with a great interface that helps you remember all your password and accounts with a great deal of security. To make sure nobody can easily log into the app and steal your info and data from your device, the app uses Military-Grade 256-bit AES encryption. Furthermore, if you fail to enter your five-digit password 10 times, the app will immediately delete all your credentials, info, and data for security purposes. Even though all your information is backed up to iCloud, the developer, Werasoft doesn’t back any data on their servers.



Adding any kind of card is pretty simple. You first take a photo of the front and back of the card, and then enter the account information. For things such as passwords, you can just upload a photo such as a Facebook logo or you can also choose a color. After that, you input your basic account information such as your username, password, name of the site, and notes if you so choose.

To find different accounts easier, you can organize them into categories so you would have a category for credit cards, business cards, passwords, etc. It helps navigating the app a lot easier, but even more so, it gives the app a great user experience.

When I first opened Safecard, I noticed how much it resembled Apple’s iOS native app, Passbook. There are a lot of visual similarities so I think of Safecard somewhat as Passbook but for passwords. When you first launch Safecard, you’re presented with a brief tutorial describing how to add info to the app and inputting your master password. Navigating Safecard is very simple since there are only a few screens to navigate in-between. If you don’t feel comfortable saving your info, passwords, and data to iCloud, it can easily be turned off from the settings in the app. You can also turn off ‘auto-destroy’, the feature in Safecard that deletes all your data after 10 failed logins.


Safecard is a simple and handy security app with tons of great features. For the amount of time I used Safecard, what stood out to me the most was the user interface, which seems like a major part of the app. All the animations and gestures are really well done and they feel natural or familiar in the sense that if you’re familiar with a lot of the gestures on iOS and native Apple apps, you would easily be able to work your way around Safecard.

In the newest update for Safecard, there is now an unlimited amount of cards you can save and create whereas in the previous version you were limited and if you wanted even more cars, you would have to buy them through IAPs. If you’re in need of a productive way to manage your passwords, notes, and accounts; check out Safecard on iOS.

Price: (Free, App Store Link)

Rating: 5/5[rating:5]


  • Great interface, animations, and gestures
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • iCloud support, which can also be turned off if you aren’t comfortable sharing data between devices


  • Not as many options or features as other password and card managers