Review: Visual Watermark – A Quick and Easy Watermarking App for Mac

Review: Visual Watermark – A Quick and Easy Watermarking App for Mac

Photography has become a huge part of people’s everyday lives with the introduction of the digital camera, smart phones and tablets everyone is a photographer. There are plenty of apps on the market to post and share photos, which leads to reproduction of those uploaded images, how do you ensure you get credit where credit is due? Meet Visual Watermark.


Whether you are going on vacation, site seeing or just taking pictures of landmarks, you will most likely want to share these images with friends, family and maybe even the world. Once your images are uploaded into cyberspace, their author, you, may not be evident. To ensure that photos clearly belong to you, a watermark helps showcase what belongs to you. Whether you simply want your name on an image, or if you are a photographer and you want to even add your contact information, Visual Watermark may just be the perfect solution.


One major perk of Visual Watermark, in my mind, is the ability to batch upload images and watermark them simultaneously. Simply open the Visual Watermark app, drag the images that you would like to watermark into the drop area and select your watermark. There are multiple basic watermark templates to choose from, each template is showcased with a preview of the first image you upload so you can see how it looks on your photo before processing. Once a basic template is selected, users can then change the logo, enter their own personal contact information or company name and select from a wide range of fonts, to match your brand or just your particular taste and style.


Once a Watermark has been selected and customized with the user’s logo and information, the user can then size the watermark, adjust the transparency of the entire watermark, or even just different elements of the watermark. When the watermark has been completed and the user is satisfied with the look of it, they can then finalize the watermark and export the image. Images can be sent to a specific folder, quality can be adjusted and images can also be resized. From here, all that is left is to do is select the option to watermark the images. If multiple images were uploaded to be watermarked, there will be a list of the output images to verify the process was completed. Users can then view each image individually within the Visual Watermark app, or open them outside of the program.



The Visual Watermark app is extremely convenient, once users generate a watermarked image, that watermark is available when they reopen the program, if they want to use the same one, they simply select it and complete the watermark process, this keeps watermarked exports consistent with branding. The only issue that I encountered while using this application was that it didn’t scale the logo when it processed vertical images versus horizontal images. If the user sized the watermark to look perfect on a horizontal image and they also had vertical images within that batch, the watermark will be substantially larger on the vertical images.

Verdict [rating: 4.5]

Visual Watermark is an extremely convenient, easy to use application with the ability to customize watermarks within the application, or even upload an existing logo to watermark the images. Being able to watermark multiple images simultaneously is a time saver.

Download Visual Watermark, prices start at $19.95.


  • Convenient
  • Fast
  • Watermarks are easily customizable
  • Ability to watermark multiple images simultaneously


  • App doesn’t scale the watermark when watermarking vertical vs. horizontal images
  • Would be awesome to have on iOS