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The Apple Television: Imagining the Possibilities

The Apple Television: Imagining the Possibilities

There has been no shortage of rumors and speculation that Apple may launch a connected HDTV to compete in the television market – and plenty of rumored specs, release dates, and so forth to go along with it. Our friends at MacFormat have created a clever graphic that rounds up what they consider the most likely possibilities for such a device (if Apple indeed releases one).


MacFormat (via Pinterest):

We’re all wondering what the fabled Apple TV might be; there are lots of reasons to think Apple might never do it – more business related than technology – but we set ourselves a task this morning: if it happens, what would it be like? What would it do? What would the line-up be?

We didn’t want to just throw a bunch of buzzwords – 4K! 3D! gesture control! – at the page; we wanted to give it some proper, serious thought. Some of the stuff we’re proposing is a little bit of a stretch – especially that new iPod model with a built-in infra-red transmitter to act as a universal remote for all your AV kit – but in general we’ve tried to be sensible and pragmatic, so we could come up with a realistic sketch of what Apple actually might introduce. How do you reckon we’ve done? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter!

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  1. Tyler Beaucamp says:

    The speakers you drew look like minions from despicable me

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