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Web Traffic Stats Show Surge in iOS 7 Beta Usage

Web Traffic Stats Show Surge in iOS 7 Beta Usage

While iOS users and developers are holding their collective breath in wait of seeing what iOS 7 brings to the table, it seems that some lucky users are already getting a peek, as recent web traffic stats are showing a surge in visits from devices running iOS 7.

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Onswipe, the mobile site conversion company that leverages HTML5 to deliver tablet-optimized websites, has seen a big spike in traffic to its partner sites from devices running iOS 7 in recent days.

Onswipe found a significant bump in the number of visits from iPhones and iPads running iOS 7 over the past week. Both Cupertino and San Francisco were the locales that most of the visits were originating from. San Francisco tallied the most iOS 7 visits with 18.75%, and Cupertino showing 17.9% of the total. Most visits were via iPhones, 75% used the smaller devices, and iPads collected the remaining 25%. (Figure out the grand total for yourselves math majors.)

Apple has typically tested new versions of iOS internally, before releasing them into the wild via a developer preview available for anyone registered with the iOS developer program. Then, after months of testing at that stage, the company releases the new version to the public. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference takes place next month, so we should see an even larger jump in devices using the new iOS very shortly.

Onswipe didn’t just check to see how many users were on iOS 7, they also took a peek at what they were viewing on the web. The lucky iOS 7 users were interested in turntables, Vine’s recent update, Apple’s stock price, (DUH!) and Kid Cudi. So, other than the Kid Cudi stuff, they’re just like you and me.