Apple to Release New Version of Final Cut Pro Alongside New Mac Pro

Apple to Release New Version of Final Cut Pro Alongside New Mac Pro

Following Apple’s unveiling of a shiny new Mac Pro at yesterday’s WWDC keynote, 9to5Mac notes something that many have missed from the keynote – namely that Apple is also planning a major update to Final Cut Pro X for release alongside the new shiny aluminum beast of a Mac. The confirmation comes from none other than Phil Schiller himself.

Final Cut Pro X

From 9to5Mac, quoting Schiller during yesterday’s event:

The Final Cut Pro team is hard at work on a version of Final Cut Pro X that will support all the performance and graphic capabilities of this machine.

While no specifics were mentioned regarding the Final Cut Pro X update, it’s safe to say that the new FCPX will support 1080p video editing and output, as well as support for the powerful new graphics chips in the forthcoming Mac Pro. It will likely come alongside updates to other pro apps, which will also need to support the new Mac Pro.

It’s also likely that Apple will address long-time complaints over Final Cut Pro X, such as the removal of features that were present in the previous version that professionals have expressed disappointment over. We hope to have our hands on a new Mac Pro – as well as the new version of FCPX – as soon as it becomes available later this year.