Feedly Announces New Cloud Backend and Web Interface, Now Boasts 12 Million Users

Feedly Announces New Cloud Backend and Web Interface, Now Boasts 12 Million Users

With the shadow of Google Reader’s July 1st shutdown looming large, today Feedly announced it is officially launching its new cloud based backend, and API, as well as a new web interface.


Feedly News Release, via 9to5Google:

As of today, feedly cloud is now live, providing a fast and scalable infrastructure that serves as the backbone to feedly, as well as a number of connected applications. Feedly cloud is open today to all users visiting http://feedly.com, providing a simple one-click migration path from Google Reader.  And thanks to the great developer community that has gathered around it, providing multiple safe and sound alternatives to Google Reader.  With the release of feedly cloud, feedly today transitions from a product to a platform. We are also today delivering a new, completely stand-alone Web version of feedly.

In addition to the cloud backend and new API, Feedly is also debuting a standalone web interface without the need for browser plugins or extensions.

Feedly has made considerable gains in its user numbers since Google’s announcement and has hit 12 million users as of May, up 8 million from the 4 million it boasted before it was announced that Google Reader would be retired back in March. The service is processing around 25 million feeds a day.

Feedly has been building its own backend and API for third-party RSS apps and readers. Developers and users interested in learning more about the new and improved Feedly can do so here.

The Feedly iOS app is available FREE in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]