How to Downgrade From iOS 7 Beta 1 to iOS 6.1.3

How to Downgrade From iOS 7 Beta 1 to iOS 6.1.3

While Apple’s new iOS beta is fun to experiment with, and useful for developers, but let’s face it: It’s not for everyone, and not something you should use 100% of the time. For those of you who have already upgraded and want to take a step back, we’ve got just the thing! Fortunately, downgrading back to iOS 6.1.3 (or 6.1.4, for iPhone 5 users) is simple – just follow along for the details!

iOS 7 Downgrade

To begin, start by downloading your iOS 6.1.3 firmware using the below links. Once it’s downloaded, we’ll be ready to begin. I recommend saving it on your desktop, or someplace you’ll easily remember.

Next, plug in your iOS device, and fire up iTunes. Find your device in the left hand column (or from the “Devices” menu in the top right hand of the main iTunes window), and click the icon. Next, hold down your Option key, click the “Restore iPhone…” button, and choose the .ipsw file you saved in the previous step. iTunes will now identify the file and restore your device.

*Note: If the restore fails, follow the instructions at the bottom of this post.

That’s all there is to it! Once your device comes back up in iTunes, just restore from your backup (unless you backed up while running iOS 7, then you’ll have to start fresh), and you’re ready to go! Note that this is all done at your own risk – we can’t provide any troubleshooting or accept any liability it it doesn’t go as intended. Good luck!

For a hands-on tutorial, check out the handy video below from iDownloadBlog!

Note: If the restore fails, you may need to modify the “hosts” file on your Mac. To do this, open Finder, hit the Go menu, select “Go to Folder…” and type “/etc/” as your path. Then find a file called “Hosts,” copy it to your desktop, and open it in TextEdit by right-clicking it and selecting “open with…” and then TextEdit.

Find the following line in the “hosts” file: “”, delete it, save the file, then copy “hosts” back to the original folder, overriding the original. Then, simply try the process again and it should work.

For more helpful tips, check out our full collection of tutorials by visiting our How-To category!

  1. Benoit says:

    The links are not working

    1. My apologies. That has been fixed.

  2. Cory says:

    When I restored back to 6.1.4 I cannot restore from my back up. Now everything is gone. Anything I can do do get everything back?

    1. plast0000 says:

      you can’t restore ios 7 backup on ios 6

  3. Shalin Bhatt says:

    i have iphone 4s and i m stuck…i neither can activate ios 7 not downgrade to ios 6.1.3….help

  4. sarath says:

    I cant downgrade to ios 6 even i changed to in hosts file

  5. sajith says:

    After downgrading from ios7 to ios 6.1.3 on my iphone i am facing many issues and it is not fuctioning as it used to be. iphone 4s typing error and correction the magnifying glass is not working you have quit the typing and start again can anyone assist in fixing this.

  6. Mik says:

    Thank you. It worked for me on iPhone 4S. But, I had to start fresh because my iCloud backup wasn’t compatible with iOS 6. It’s okay though. I’ll have to live with it.

  7. kha64 says:

    ios7 beta is a virus , dont restore with the online version of IOS6… neither
    only use restore iPhone of iTunes by forcing restoration (click both home and start button on iphone for 20 seconds while connected to iTunes on USB

    1. Prince Kumar says:

      very helpful thanks..

  8. Amandine says:

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    Je télécharge lequel ?

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