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Kickstarter Spotlight: SETA Smartphone Stand for the iPhone

Kickstarter Spotlight: SETA Smartphone Stand for the iPhone

While I’m a big fan of stands to hold my iPhone while it charges, it’s always a challenge to find one that looks stylish, can solidly hold my iPhone 5, and also is compatible with the lightning connector on the phone. Enter the SETA Smartphone Stand for the iPhone.

The fine folks behind the SETA, 1.0 Innovations LLC, sent me a sample of the SETA awhile back. I’m happy to say I’ve been using it ever since, and am completely satisfied with it. The SETA securely holds my iPhone, and looks good while it does it. Now that the SETA Kickstarter project has started I just had to share it with MacTrast readers.


From the SETA Kickstarter page:

SETA was designed to perform better than traditional phone stands or docks. It will suspend your phone at the perfect viewing angle on your desk, nightstand, counter or any other smooth surface. And it performs this function with far less effort than other stands or docking stations. Simply push your phone to attach then pull or twist to remove. Add in the fact that it also holds your charging cord in place while unplugged and you have the ultimate smartphone stand.

The SETA is designed to not only work with current devices, but tomorrow’s too. SETA will hold just about any smartphone, and the device’s charging cable with its T-Channel cord holder.


The SETA uses NanoSuction™ technology that synthetically emulates the adhesive qualities of gecko feet. Your phone will cling to the NanoSuction™ SETA pad while another pad on the base secures the stand to most flat, non-porous surfaces. (It works great on my the glass top of my desk, and also the kitchen counter.) The NanoSuction™ can be rejuvenated when it gets dirty by simply cleaning the surface with clear tape or a damp paper towel and then letting it air dry.

For case users, if yours is textured, like the OtterBox or LifeProof, and doesn’t provide enough smooth surface for the SETA to grab onto, the SETA comes with an extra pad to apply to your case to allow it to stick to the stand.


Some highlights of the SETA are:

  • Materials– aircraft grade aluminum + NanoSuction™ pads
  • NanoSuction™– grips the phone and grips the surface but is not sticky to the touch
  • Universal– works with all smartphones and most hard cases. Extra SETA pad is included to work with silicone or textured cases
  • Total Cord Management- the patent pending T-Channel is compatible with all OEM smartphone charging cables
  • Timeless Design– works with yesterdays, todays and tomorrows smartphones and cords
  • Made In The USA- developed and made in Tulsa, Oklahoma

While the SETA has already reached its goal and will be produced, you should still drop by the website and check it out. The SETA is stylish and does the job it was created to do. The SETA could be the stand you’ve been looking for.