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Parallels Desktop 8 Updated to Support OS X Mavericks Developer Preview

Parallels Desktop 8 Updated to Support OS X Mavericks Developer Preview

Want to test out the OS X Mavericks preview without risking damage to your primary Mac? Parallels has you covered. The company just released an update to their Parallels Desktop 8 software allowing users to update to OS X Mavericks from Mountain Lion. Previous versions of Parallels have lacked critical features for Mavericks compatibility.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 2.04.25 PM

Earlier today, we received the following statement from Parallels on the matter:

Parallels just released an update to Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac, the No. 1-selling software for running Windows and Mac applications side-by-side on a Mac without rebooting, which includes experimental support for the latest developer preview of OS X Mavericks.  By updating to the latest build of Parallels Desktop (build 8.0.18494)…developers who are registered members of Apple’s Developer Program can run Parallels Desktop 8 on OS X Mavericks and run OS X Mavericks in a virtual machine in Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac.

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac – which also supports the desktop virtualization of Windows, Mountain Lion, Lion, Linux, Chrome OS and more – enables software, mobile and web developers to safely and simultaneously test a variety of operating systems as guests, as well as well as develop and test applications on them without risking their development machines.

It’s worth noting that this is EXPERIMENTAL support for Mavericks (which is a beta itself, of course) – so it’s possible, and even likely, that you may have a few issues here and there. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to try out Mavericks, and for developers to test their apps for compatibility, without going to the trouble of dual-booting their Macs.

Even better, Parallels Desktop 8 is currently on sale for 25% off – so if you don’t have the latest version, there’s no time better than the present to buy!

More info about Mavericks support in Parallels Desktop 8 can be found at the Parallels support site.

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