Report: Hospital Sees ROI on iPad Purchases in Just 9 Days

Report: Hospital Sees ROI on iPad Purchases in Just 9 Days

Apple’s iPad has proven to be popular among medical professionals, and now a new report tells of how one hospital was able to recoup its investment in the popular tablet in just nine days.

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At a healthcare information technology event last year, one unnamed hospital’s Chief Information Officer revealed that his organization saw a return on investment (ROI) on its iPad purchases in less than a week and a half, according to Forbes’ Dan Munro. Munro, founder of iPatient and a frequent commentator on healthcare IT, reports that the time to full return on investment was so low that the CIO initially believed the hospital’s board might not believe the figure.

The CIO who told the story did so as part of a larger healthcare IT panel and wished to remain anonymous. He had been assigned to test the effect of a pilot program that deployed iPads to a select group of healthcare workers. He used time-motion analysis to track worker movements and clinical workflow. the results were compared against known labor costs. The results showed that the time and effort in the pilot program paid for the cost of the iPads in nine days.

The popularity of Apple’s devices among healthcare professionals is well known, with more than two-thirds of physicians in a recent survey choosing the iPhone over Android smartphones. The same survey showed the iPad as the most popular tablet among healthcare professionals.