iOS Game ‘Candy Crush Saga’ Makes a Sweet Haul of $633K a Day

iOS Game ‘Candy Crush Saga’ Makes a Sweet Haul of $633K a Day

Most thought the world had seen enough Bejeweled knock-offs in the App Store. But not the developers of Candy Crush Saga. The devs of this #1 top grossing app in the App Store thought there was room for at least one more, and they proved correct. To the tune of an estimated $633,000 dollars revenue A DAY!



So much for a simple Bejeweled knock-off. According to ThinkGaming (via Slate), the #1 Top Grossing app Candy Crush is currently pulling in an estimated $633,000 a day. At this rate, the creators of the game could bring in $230 million a year from the revenue of this one game.

Candy Crush Saga’s business model is one that’s well known to many “entrepreneurs” on the street. The first taste is free, and after that, it’ll cost you. While it costs nothing to download the game, and play your way through the first five lives you’re given, after that it’ll run you 99 cents to get more lives. Or extra moves, or a Lollipop Hammer, whatever that is.

Chalk another one up for the “feemium” app model. Currently, 45 of the 50 top grossing apps in the App Store are “free”.

It’s obvious the freemium model can be a huge cash cow, and bears exploration by us all. Now let’s see, where did I leave that outline of a freemium version of Grand Theft Auto? The first three baseball bats are free, after that…

Candy Crush Saga is available “FREE” for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]