Kickstarter of the Week: Ear Secure – Prevent Earbud Fallout

Kickstarter of the Week: Ear Secure – Prevent Earbud Fallout

Let’s face it, not all of us have the type of ears Apple designed their earbuds and earpods for. Both models of Apple’s earphones just don’t sit right in my ears, and pop out continually. Even if I’m just sitting quietly on the couch, Jobs forbid if I actually try to be active during a listening session! That’s why I’m looking closely at this week’s Kickstarter of the week, “Ear Secure”.

From the Ear Secure Kickstarter page:

“The Ear Secure device solves the problem of earbud fall out. It works with many types of earbuds including Apple’s Earpods.”


Features and Benefits

Functional – The Ear Secure device works with many different types of earbuds including the popular Apple Earpods. You can be confident that your earbuds will stay in while using the Ear Secure device.

Lightweight – The lightweight design makes the Ear Secure device essentially unnoticeable while on a run.

Comfortable – The adjustability and flexibility of the Ear Secure device allows for a comfortable fit for all head shapes and sizes. The unique clip design doesn’t change how your earbuds sit in your ears ensuring a comfortable fit in your ear as well.

Good-looking – The simple, smooth design of the Ear Secure device is visually appealing and stylish.


When would you use the Ear Secure device?

The Ear Secure device is ideal to use anytime you don’t want your earbuds to fallout. Although designed by runners, the Ear Secure device is great for all sorts of activities including:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Bicycling
  • Working
  • Exercising
  • Hanging around the house
  • Any other time you normally wear earbuds

The concept for the Ear Secure device came from the inventor’s father after years of searching for headphones that would work for him while running. As an engineering student interested in entrepreneurship he decided to come up with a solution for earbud fallout.

The inventor talked to dozens of runners to get their input, and says he realized that many people have the same problem his father did.


The Ear Secure Kickstarter has 23 days to go as of this writing, and needs your help. Drop by the Ear Secure Kickstarter page and check the project out. if it looks like something that might help your issues with earbuds, think about making a pledge. There are two levels of pledges. If you’re one of the first 15 backers, you’ll get an Ear Secure device for $20, with free shipping. After that, $25 or more will get you an Ear Secure with free shipping. Delivery is estimated for October 2013.

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