Kickstarter of the Week: MaCool – A Retro Vintage Macintosh Lookalike Cooler

Kickstarter of the Week: MaCool – A Retro Vintage Macintosh Lookalike Cooler

Ever had your Mac freeze on you? Of course not, that’s a ridiculous thought, it never happens, right? Well, what if you could get your hands on a cool retro Macintosh lookalike that would freeze, but would keep your soft drinks cold? Enter this week’s featured Kickstarter , The MaCool.

The MaCool is an 13-inch wide, 8-can cooler that looks like a classic Macintosh computer from the 80s, right down to the beige color, and monochromatic “screen.” With it’s two available decal options, you can fly your retro geek flag proudly with either a classic happy Mac or a fake Mac desktop view.


This is where we usually go into the technical aspects of the Kickstarter project, where we talk about what the device is compatible with, and dazzle you with specs. The specs on this baby are simple, here they are.


Size:  13” x 9” x 12.5” Tall (332mm x 230mm x 317.5mm Tall)

Capacity: It can hold up to 8 drinks and ice comfortably.

Color: Beige (PMS 7500C)

Weight: 3.75 Lbs, 1.7 KG

WHEW! Such cooling power in such a small package!


Seriously, this is a cool Kickstarter, and I’ve already put in my pledge. Be sure to visit the Kickstarter site and check it out. If you miss your old 80s Macintosh at all, you’ll definitely be reaching for your credit card.

The MaCool is a fast 14-day campaign, and is attempting to raise $65,000 to produce the coolers. It’ll only cost you $39 to reserve yourself a bit of cool nostalgia. Other pledge levels are available, with corresponding benefits to match.


Drop by the MaCool Kickstarter page to check out this Vintage Macintosh lookalike cooler. It’ll be the first time in computing history that a frozen Mac has been useful. [DIRECT LINK TO SITE]