Wall Street Journal: Apple is Testing Larger Screens for Both iPhone and iPad

Wall Street Journal: Apple is Testing Larger Screens for Both iPhone and iPad

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Apple is testing prototype iPhone screens larger than the current 4-inches, and is also looking at screen designs for an iPad device that measures just under 13-inches diagonally.


The Wall Street Journal, via MacRumors:

In recent months, Apple has asked for prototype smartphone screens larger than 4 inches and has also asked for screen designs for a new tablet device measuring slightly less than 13 inches diagonally, they said. The current iPhone 5 has a four-inch screen, while the iPad has a 9.7-inch screen. The iPad Mini, a stripped-down version of its tablet computer, has a 7.9-inch screen.

Reports such as this aren’t new, multiple rumors have long circulated that Apple is looking at larger screens for use in its iPhone line of devices. However, the iPad rumor has only shown up once before, back in May. We dismissed the rumor, saying:

So, the timing is off, the target market for such a device is smaller than any market the iPad is currently targeted to…

Even if today’s report from WSJ is true, it’s no lead cinch that such designs would ever make it to market. Apple is always testing various designs and components as it continually refines its products.

What say you readers? What’s your opinion of The Wall Street Journal’s report of larger iPhone, and yes, larger iPad screens being tested? Would you buy a larger version of either device? Let us know in the comments section below.

  1. Austin says:

    I’d buy a larger iPhone for sure, but I just don’t see a market for a larger iPad. 9.7 inches is already pretty large, I don’t know how you could use one that’s like 3 inches bigger.

  2. Ian Davenport says:

    As posted when u ran this idea in May, I use an iPad mini as a reading device – mainly fo email, twitter andr newspapers – I’d happily use a 13″ pad for that – although only if the price was right – I’d not see it as a MacBook rival, just as a large screen

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