Sprint Cuts Price of Unlimited Plans to $80 Per Month

Sprint Cuts Price of Unlimited Plans to $80 Per Month

Sprint has announced major changes to its service plans, cutting the price of the plans and guaranteeing unlimited data for customers as long as they keep their Sprint contracts active. Their new “unlimited, my way” plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data usage for $80 per month, with additional savings when you add lines to a family plan. The new plans are available for both new and current Sprint customers, if you’re already under contract with Sprint, you can switch to a new plan without needing to extend your contract.


The Verge:

The new “unlimited, my way” plans break down like this: your first line costs $50 per month for unlimited talk and text, with each subsequent line costing $10 less ($40 for the second line, $30 for the third, and $20 for the fourth and beyond). From there, customers have to add a data plan — either $30 per line for unlimited data or $20 for 1GB of data. These data costs don’t include any mobile hotspot functionality; customers have the option to add 1GB of mobile hotspot usage to their plan for $10 per line.

A second plan, “my all-in,” is a $110 monthly plan offering unlimited talk, text, data, and 5GB of mobile hotspot usage. No visible benefit of adding extra lines on this plan, it seems targeted to heavy hotspot users with no need for multiple lines.

Unlimited everything currently costs $109.99 per line on Sprint. The new plans will be available Friday, July 12th.

For more information, visit the Sprint website. [DIRECT LINK]