App Store Monopoly Case Dismissed, Could be Refiled

App Store Monopoly Case Dismissed, Could be Refiled

A group of consumers filed a lawsuit against Apple back in 2011, charging the company’s App Store is a monopoly, since it is the only software marketplace available for the iPhone. Bloomberg reports that suit has now been dismissed by the overseeing U.S. District Judge.



However, the dismissal was only due to the plaintiffs not being “in a legal position to bring the suit as they hadn’t bought the applications at issue in the case.” Furthermore, “the complaint can still be amended and refiled.”

The case was intended by the plaintiffs to demonstrate that the App Store, with its 30% commission paid by developers, should be considered an anti-trust violation, since Apple doesn’t allow for any other application marketplaces to be installed.

The plaintiffs are expected to refile the suit in short order.