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Report: Apple Likely to Delay iOS 7 for iPad by ‘Up To a Month’

Report: Apple Likely to Delay iOS 7 for iPad by ‘Up To a Month’

While Apple’s iOS 7 beta feels nearly complete on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, many have noticed that it doesn’t quite achieve perfection on the iPad. According to 9to5Mac reporter Mark Gurman, the reason why is that Apple is struggling to bring some of iOS 7’s many visual and feature updates to the larger iPad screens.


As a result, Gurman’s sources suggest that Apple may delay the release of iOS 7 for the iPad by up to a month – perhaps waiting to release the update alongside new iPad hardware this fall.

From the report:

To go along with the bolstered Home button and gold color option, Apple is about to launch a sweeping redesign of iOS. And like we’ve mentioned even before Apple confirmed the existence of iOS 7, the iPhone is taking internal development priority for iOS this year. While Apple is nearing a golden master seed for the iPhone (and consequently iPod touch) version of iOS 7.0, we’re told that the iPad version is running behind.

Many developers have noted that the iOS 7 builds for iPad feel unstable and unreliable compared to the iPhone-optimized betas. The reason, as we’ve noted before, is that Apple started on iOS 7 for iPhone prior to building for the iPad. Perhaps as proof for this, Apple did not ship an iOS 7 beta for iPad until two weeks after the initial iPhone iOS 7 beta. A similar situation is potentially in the cards for the public launch of iOS 7. While iOS 7.0 for iPhone is locked for the iPhone 5S launch in mid-September, there’s chatter inside Apple about the potential of holding back the iPad version for an iOS 7.0.1 release between late September and October; perhaps alongside fresh new iPad hardware.

While Apple is likely yet to come to an absolute decision on pushing back the iPad release, separating the iPhone and iPad iOS 7 launches could make sense. With iOS 7 being the true transformation of an operating system that people of all ages and kinds have come familiar with for over half a decade, perhaps it would be logical for Apple to separate the software launches. Let those who need to learn iPhone iOS 7 (especially with the impending iPhone 5S debut) come into Apple Stores and call up AppleCare throughout September, but wait for October for the iPad users to get their help.

As Gurman notes, the move makes sense for a lot of reasons – it would allow Apple to release a better, more polished version of iOS 7 for the iPad. It would also help Apple reduce initial demand for iOS 7 support, since requests would initially be limited to iPhone and iPod touch users, with iPad support requests to follow a month later.

While the report isn’t confirmed, Gurman has proven to be extremely accurate with his reporting in the past – and that’s something unlikely to be any different this time around.