Dialogue: Easily Make, Receive, and Record Smartphone Calls From Your Mac!

Dialogue: Easily Make, Receive, and Record Smartphone Calls From Your Mac!

I use an iMac for my daily work, and keep a pair of studio headphones attached for listening to music, participating in conference calls, using Google Voice, and so forth. The trouble is, I also use an iPhone – and with only one pair of headphones between the two devices, that requires a bit of juggling on my part when a call comes in on my iPhone while I’m working.

Dialogue Head

Fortunately, the clever folks at Zebraa have developed the perfect solution: A brand new Mac app called Dialogue, which connects to your iPhone and lets you make or receive iPhone calls directly from your Mac. Yup. You read that right, and it’s brilliant. The app lives in your Mac’s menu bar, and after a one-time setup process, it can act as the perfect medium between your iPhone and your Mac.

From the website description:

Keep your phone in your pocket. Dialogue brings you handsfree calling through your Mac.

  • Record your calls

Never forget your client’s feedback or an assignment from your boss. Dialogue lets you record your conversations to play them over and over again.

  • Flawless integration

Dialogue is integrated seamlessly with your Mac. It’s there just when you need it. And because Dialogue is always in your Mac’s menubar, you can make calls in a split sec.

  • Most phones supported

All iPhones are supported, just as every Android device we’ve tested.* * Is your bluetooth 2.0 phone not compatible with Dialogue? Contact us, so we can talk about a refund.

  • Headphones recommended

For a good and stable audio quality, you need to use a headset while making phone calls with Dialogue. We’re using the Apple EarPods.

Dialogue Screen

I’ve been using this app for just over a day now – and I can say it works beautifully. It’s simple, and flawless, and so far, I haven’t encountered a single problem. Even better? The setup process takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and as expected, the app remembers your iPhone, and your settings, so you never have to worry about it after the initial setup. Using the app could not be more straight forward or intuitive – just follow these simple steps:

Dialogue Shot 1

Once it’s set up, if a call comes in on your iPhone, a floating window will pop up on your Mac – just click the accept button, and you’re all set. But wait – there’s more! This is the point where Dialogue transitions from “good” to “great”: Once your call is connected, you can use the app to record the entire call by simply tapping a single button. Once you click the “stop” button, or the call is disconnected, you’re automatically prompted to save the recording for future reference.

Dialogue Screenshot 6

Not only is it smart, well-implemented, and a fantastic idea – it’s also the only app on the Mac App Store that I know of that does anything like it. It’s brilliantly useful. Dialogue isn’t free, nor is it the cheapest Mac app ever – but for the $6.99 asking price in the Mac App Store, I’d suggest it’s well worth plunking down a few bucks, and supporting the developer in the process.

For someone like me, who usually has to resort to much more complicated methods to balance a single pair of headphones between both my iPhone and my Mac while working, this will be an invaluable tool that I’ll come to depend on every day.

Check out the below video to see it in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG7nugRPR6w The app is available now immediately from the App Store. For more information, head on over to the Mac App Store, or visit the Dialogue website.