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Microsoft Launches ANOTHER Ad Comparing Surface RT to Apple’s Popular iPad

Microsoft Launches ANOTHER Ad Comparing Surface RT to Apple’s Popular iPad

Microsoft continues to take desperate potshots at Apple’s popular iPad, releasing a new commercial comparing the Surface RT to the fourth-generation iPad. The ad highlights pricing and size differences between the two devices.

The ad kicks off by comparing the thickness and weight of both devices. Same thickness, and the iPad comes in a little bit lighter weight-wise. Then we go to screen size, the RT has a larger screen, but of course, they fail to mention that the iPad has a higher resolution screen.

Now it’s time to point out the iPad’s lack of a kickstand and an attachable keyboard. In a small, dim font I’d like to get my hands on for use in future legal contracts, they do mention that the Surface RT keyboard costs extra, neglecting to mention the extra $100 that will run you.

Look! The RT runs Microsoft Office! There is no Office for the iPad. Funny that Microsoft makes it for the iPhone, but not the iPad, would they go that far for a selling point for the Surface? Surely not!

Don’t forget to mention the multitasking angle… And the no USB on the iPad thing, that’s always a showstopper.

Then finish up with the lower price for the Surface RT, there… That’ll put the last nail in the iPad’s coffin! Or not.

Despite Microsoft’s desperate ad campaign, the company revealed last week that the Surface has earned a mere $853 million in revenue, which is less than the $900 million write down the company had taken for just the Surface RT earlier this month.

The tablets miserable sales figures have forced Microsoft to drop the price of the Surface RT by $150.00 in July, dropping its entry level pricing to $349.99  The company has also dropped the price of the Surface Pro tablet as well, cutting $100 off the price of the device through the end of August.

  1. Leo says:

    Microsoft will eventually go bankrupt because of this slab-tab. They should stop this mission impossible race, people don’t care what the did, they need iPads. i don’t know anyone with this joke tablets.

  2. J Lancaster says:

    Can you not write an article with out being bias towards a competitor? I have an iPad and I have a surface. They’re both great. I enjoy my surface because of the features in Windows 8. Leo you’re just dumb. Microsoft make more money in the enterprise than anything else. That is a market that apple can’t get into. They try but MS has a strong hold there. They made too many of these Surface RT devices to meet the slow demand. They decided to write off some of their margins to lower the cost. To be fair I have the surface pro. But I was pretty close to getting an rt device for my daughter for school, and I still might. She plays on a lot of educational websites that aren’t an app. So they run flash. And guess which platforms runs flash? Yep windows rt (& android).

    Nothing here but good old advertising.

  3. objectiveThinker says:

    As usual iFanboys are completely subjective and biased. Is it any wonder none of them can think for themselves?

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