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Online Poll: Users Prefer the Look of iOS 7 Over iOS 6

Online Poll: Users Prefer the Look of iOS 7 Over iOS 6

An totally unscientific online poll conducted by Polar offers comparisons of key user interface elements of both iOS 6 and iOS 7, asking poll participants to select which set of components they prefer. Respondents seem to prefer the iOS 7 elements by a LARGE margin.



The polls compared critical interface elements such as: the on/off switches, date picker, alerts, status bar, sliders, keyboard, icon set, sharing, the Lock screen, and Notification Center.

Results in favor of iOS 7 were present for each comparison in the poll. Above is a chart detailing the results. The left side of the chart shows how many votes each version of the interface element received. The right side shows a percentage breakdown. In total, iOS 7 received 72% preference compared to 28% for iOS 6.

While there was a huge preference for such iOS 7 elements as Notification Center, the Lock Screen, and Tab bars, iOS 6 elements such as switches, the status bar, and tool bar fared a bit better.

iOS 7 launches this fall with a completely redesigned “flat” user interface, and most who have seen the redesigned elements either fall into the “hated it,” or the “loved it” camps, with very few opinions falling in between. How about you readers? Which camp are you in, iOS 6, or iOS 7? Let us know in the comments section below.

  1. Jack Langowski says:

    Unfortunately you can’t pick and choose elements from either OS. It’s all or nothing and since iOS7 contains some great improvements, I’ll take all of iOS7. Pretty easy if you accept that progress comes at some cost.

    1. Anthony Snyder says:

      Even better when you understand that next year it could get even better if you accept it now.

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