Review: PhotoMagic Pro for OS X – Bring Your Photos To Life

Review: PhotoMagic Pro for OS X – Bring Your Photos To Life

Have you ever encountered breathtaking scenery that you just had to snap a pic of, only for the image to not truly showcase what you just saw? What about a cityscape or landmark? Take your vacation photos, or even candid’s from your weekend adventures from drab to fab with PhotoMagic Pro, $9.99 in the Mac App Store.


It happens all the time, you take what you thought were the perfect shots, only to get home from a vacation or a night out and discover that those shots you thought were so great, didn’t turn out the way you thought. Whether you’re using a camera, or just your phone, images don’t look the same on that small screen as they do blown up on a monitor. Cameras can also completely fail when it comes to lighting, focus and more. Maybe all of your pictures are great, but you’re sick of the same old Instagram filters and just want to jazz up your photos; no matter what need, PhotomMagic certainly has a place when it comes to perfecting your pictures.


The PhotoMagic interface is clean and extremely easy to navigate, unlike a lot of photo editing applications. Simply drag and drop your image and you’re ready to rock and roll. With PhotoMagic users can do everything from the basic rotation and cropping, all the way to specialized filters, sharpening and more.

Give your images a vintage or western feel, or spice them up with the colored filters for a modern feel. The combination of elements within the PhotoMagic app will help make your images unique and help them stand out in the slew of images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. PhotoMagic preserves your file size so you can have high quality prints, too!


One of the features I enjoyed with PhotoMagic was the random feature. Click the dice icon and the app will select and apply random filters and settings to your image. Don’t like the results? Keep clicking the dice and the app will provide all kinds of combinations. Sometimes when I have been editing a photo for a prolonged period of time, I forget what the original looked like, in the PhotoMagic app you can select compared view to see the original and your edit side by side to help you determine whether or not you actually like your edits.


The one feature that I found to be lacking within this application is the ability to touch up images. PhotoMagic Pro is a way for users to style their images, add text and bring them to life; it is not a touch up application. I found that I enjoyed PhotoMagic for concert shots, scenery, travel pictures and portrait enhancement. While the app may not offer touch up options, users can always make those adjustments within another application and then import and adjust them within the PhotoMagic app. In this day and age, people are using multiple apps to perfect pictures and PhotoMagic is a fun addition to my collection.

Verdict [rating:4.5]

The simplicity and ease that comes with using the PhotoMagic Pro application makes it a home run; just a few clicks and images are literally transformed. If you are looking for an application to add effects and stylize your images, PhotoMagic Pro is a viable option. The variety of effects offered within the application provides users the opportunity to create truly unique images.

Download PhotoMagic Pro now, only $9.99 in the Mac App Store!


  • Easy to use
  • Visually appealing
  • Expansive effects and styles
  • Easy export


  • Retouching tools not available


*The above review was commissioned by the developer in accordance with our app review policy, and has been written in an objective, unbiased fashion.