Weekend Funnies: First World Problems – The 90s Edition

Weekend Funnies: First World Problems – The 90s Edition

Sure, modern first world problems like dropping your iPhone on your iPad and breaking both of them are tough, but what about how bad the folks back in the 90s had it with technology? Welcome to “First World Problems – The 90s Edition.”

That’s right kids, the cable guide used to scroll with no way to stop it. Even worse, some cable systems didn’t have an on-screen guide, and you had to look programs up with a ::SHUDDER:: magazine or newspaper!


And once you got connected, Call Waiting would bump you off!


Today kids, we’re going to talk about the Sony Walkman…


We’re not talking about installing a game here, this was just to PLAY the game.


I guess I could just text them, and… Oh wait… That hasn’t been invented yet.


And the absolute worst part of living in the 90s…


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