Early Benchmarks Shows Off The Graphical Power Of The iPhone 5S

Early Benchmarks Shows Off The Graphical Power Of The iPhone 5S

One of the biggest features in the new iPhone 5S is the A7 processor, the 64-bit “desktop-class” microprocessor. Apple claims its fast, as in CPU power that’s 40x faster and graphics power 56x faster than the original iPhone.



But that doesn’t really tell us much in the way of performance, does it? Luckily, an early graphics benchmark for the handset surfaced this morning that gives us a better idea of how the 5s will perform. And the results show significant gains over the iPhone 5…

A comparison of the results of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s on the Egypt HD 2.5 benchmark shows the 5s performs nearly twice as well as the 5 did on the offscreen 1080p test, 29.8 fps (frames per second) on the 5, to 56.0 on the 5s. Sweet.

As always, we must state the standard disclaimer that benchmarks don’t necessarily reflect what real-world performance will be, and the new test was optimized for the A7. But, those results are still pretty damn impressive.

We can’t wait until the developers start optimizing their code for the new A7, that’s when we’ll see what this baby is really capable of.

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