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Kickstarter of the Week: SideCar – The Laptop to Tablet Connector

Kickstarter of the Week: SideCar – The Laptop to Tablet Connector

Do you sometimes use your iPad as a second screen for your MacBook while on the go? It gets a little frustrating setting up a stand, or propping it up next to your laptop’s screen. Enter SideCar, the ingenious little device that attaches your iPad to your MacBook so they sit side by side.

From the Sidecar website:

It’s better together!

Have a tablet and a laptop? Need to be more productive on the go? Then hop on the SideCar and start using your devices together. SideCar™ elegantly and safely links your tablet to your laptop. Use your tablet as an external monitor for that small laptop screen (via third party apps) or simply navigate through your tablet right next to your laptop screen.


Just slide SideCar onto your laptop, and your tablet into the other end of SideCar. No need for messy adhesives, glue, or velcro, just the SideCar. Made of a durable and environmentally friendly silicone, SideCar securely holds your devices together while protecting them from scratches.

When I first saw SideCar, my first though was, why haven’t I seen this before. It’s a simple and ingenious solution for using your iPad as a second screen while on the go.


While the creator of SideCar sees it as the bridge between ALL laptops and tablets, they are starting out slowly, and just testing the waters with Apple compatible products first.

SideCar is available in green and black and in two models for different computer sizes: Vintage and Deluxe. Both models support all iPads and iPads mini, except the original iPad.

Be sure to read the info below to ensure that you’ll be able to use your SideCar with your devices before you pledge.

  • Vintage: Fits second generation MacBook Pro (2009+) and third generation non-retina display Macbook Pro.
  • Deluxe: Fits third generation retina display MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Note MacBook Air Users: The company recommends you use SideCar only with the iPad mini to avoid overstressing your laptop hinge.

One nice, recently added feature, the SideCar is also compatible with the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c.


This is a great little idea that’s so simple, it’s hard to believe the market isn’t already flooded with similar devices.

A pledge of as little as $12 will snag a SideCar for you, and will also allow you to get another great little product as a bonus: The ExoSleeve.  This fun accessory fits around standard iPhone chargers, personalizing your essential power supply companion so that you always know which charger is yours. Available in flourecent colors: green, orange, pink, blue and red.


Be sure to visit the SideCar Kickstarter site and make a pledge if this looks like a product you could use. Pledges start at $1 (A hearty thank you!), and go all the way up to $149 or more. (At that level, they’ll make a custom SideCar for you non-Apple users to try out. Wait, there are still people using something besides Apple products? SHOCKING!)

The SideCar is proudly manufactured in Pennsylvania, PA, USA. A local rubber and plastics manufacturer produces SideCars and Venos manufactures the ExoSleeves in-house. Keeping manufacturing local has the benefits of short lead times and ensures quality control, but most importantly, it boosts the local economy.

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