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New ‘Space Grey’ 5th-Gen iPad Pictured in Leaked Hi-Res Photos

New ‘Space Grey’ 5th-Gen iPad Pictured in Leaked Hi-Res Photos

Well-known Apple supply chain insider Sonny Dickson is once again back at his game, and this time, rather than leaking more iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S parts, Dickson has posted some fairly convincing high-quality pictures of what seems to be the rear panel of the upcoming 5th-gen iPad in the Space Grey color introduced with the iPhone 5S.

The ‘Space Grey’ casing is pictured next to the expected “Silver” casing that Apple has used for all previous iPads. A few highlights can be seen in the gallery above. To see the full collection of images – including additional leaked components, such as what appears to be the home button assembly, head on over to the original post at SonnyDickson.com.

The photos show more or less exactly what we expect to see after months of rumors and various reports. Assuming that the parts are authentic – and there’s no real reason to be suspicious that they are not, the 5th-gen iPad will essentially resemble a larger version of the iPad mini, with slimmer side bezels. The device will also likely be significantly slimmer and lighter than the previous two generations of the iPad.

Even better, the images light up with previous leaked components (including a rear shell that leaked clear back in January), further adding to their legitimacy. Every indication thus far suggests that a thinner, lighter 5th-gen iPad will be here sooner rather than later – likely for introduction at a media event in mid-October. The only question that remains is: Are you ready?

  1. James Steen says:

    I’m ready…as is my credit card.

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