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Printic: Edit, Caption, and Mail Your Own Polaroid-Like Prints

Printic: Edit, Caption, and Mail Your Own Polaroid-Like Prints

While many don’t bother printing their photos any more, simply choosing to edit them, and email them to recipients directly from their devices, what about those loved ones whom the digital revolution has passed by?


Enter Printic, a simple photo  app that allows you to use photos from your iPhone, crop them, scale them, label the photos with a cute caption, and then send them off to Printic’s service to be printed and mailed to the recipient of your choice.

The folks at Printic were kind enough to send me a link to their app, and a code for a few credits so I could try out the printing service.

I was pleasantly surprised by the app and the service. I took 4 shots with the iPhone’s built-in camera app, adjusted the size and scaling, and sadly, forgot to caption them before using the app to submit them to the printing service. I was also pleasantly surprised at the speed of the service in returning my prints. I received them in the mail 3 business days after submitting them.


The app is easy to use, and the resulting prints are quite satisfactory, reminiscent of Polaroid One-Step instant prints from previous decades.

While I’m not sure how much I would use the service, as most of my friends and family are “connected,” those users whose older relatives are reluctant to use computers and electronic devices will find it an easy way to send beautiful color prints to their loved ones.

Printic is available  FREE for the iPhone in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]

Prints are $0.99 per print, and orders are limited to three prints or more. (Note: I did receive an email offering a discount on purchasing credits for use in the app, so keep an eye out for such emails if you want to save a few bucks.)

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