TinkerTool: The Easy Way to Configure OS X to Your Liking

TinkerTool: The Easy Way to Configure OS X to Your Liking

Now that the Apple developer community has had a chance to spend some time with Mountain Lion, many folks have likely found thinks that they don’t like, or that they might want to change. Fortunately, there are plenty of tweaks out there to make Mountain Lion (and soon, Mavericks) work best for you.

If you’d rather not spend much time searching for tweaks, however (it can be very time consuming), a great app called TinkerTool can help make things a whole lot easier. TinkerTool offers a huge variety of tweaks for your system, and applying those changes is as easy as clicking a check box.

What sort of changes can you make? You name it. Everything from changing the appearance of the dock, to showing system files, to accessing diagnostic menus and changing the default system fonts, TinkerTool makes tweaking your Mac easier than you could imagine.

I’ve been using TinkerTool for several years, and consider it one of my all-time favorite utilities. For more information, or to download TinkerTool (it’s free!), head on over to the developer’s website! While it doesn’t currently work with OS X Mavericks, it’s pretty likely that a Mavericks version will be released soon after Mavericks makes its public debut.

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