Virgin Mobile Teases Off-Contract iPhone 5c and 5s

Virgin Mobile Teases Off-Contract iPhone 5c and 5s

If you’ve got decent Sprint coverage in your area, but don’t want to get drawn into the on-contract world just to snag an iPhone 5s or 5c, Virgin Mobile will soon offer another solution to your predicament.



Sprint-owned pre-paid carrier Virgin Mobile is today teasing iPhone 5S and 5C availability. The carrier didn’t offer a price or dates but we can make some educated assumptions based on previous rollouts.

Virgin tends to offer the iPhone at the same unsubsidized price as Apple, which would be $549 for iPhone 5C and $649 for iPhone 5S. But, keep an eye on discount retailers like Walmart and Target, they usually offer a discount at launch.

Virgin’s wireless plans are enticing if you can spring for the upfront costs of the handset. The carrier offers a $30 unlimited text/data plans on iPhones. That includes 300 talk minutes per month.

The launch should happen soon, as nine regional carriers will begin carrying the iPhone 5s and 5c on October 1st.

If you don’t need the latest technology or style in your pocket, Virgin has recently been offering the iPhone 4 and 4S at discounts.