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Anki Drive, Real World Driving Video Game Set to Debut at Apple Store October 23rd – $199

Anki Drive, Real World Driving Video Game Set to Debut at Apple Store October 23rd – $199

Anki Drive, the iOS-powered real world remote control racing set is ready for its debut at Apple Stores on October 23rd. The starter set will be available for $199.



Anki Drive made a splash at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, when the company was granted highly coveted demo time ahead of Apple’s keynote.

In the demo, Anki showed off four small cars that use cameras, sensors, and software to steer around a race mat without user intervention. The toys connect to an iOS device via Bluetooth LE, and the user can partially control steering and acceleration.

While the AI handles steering, players can tend to important issues such as firing imaginary guns or tractor beams at competing racers. All weaponry is limited to line of sight for the car, and all attacks and their results are played out by the cars. For example, if one player makes a critical hit on a car in front of it, that car will come to a halt or slow down, as if it had damage inflicted upon it. A point system allows players to access power ups for future races.

Individual cars have particular attributes, such as speed, armor, and weaponry.

The Anki Drive Starter Kit, which includes two cars and the racetrack, will be priced at $199 and will be sold both online and at Apple Stores on Oct. 23. Two additional car models can also be purchased for $69 each.

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