Everdock: The Ultimate Precision Dock for All of Your Devices

Everdock: The Ultimate Precision Dock for All of Your Devices

I love using iPhone docks. I also love minimalistic design. Fortunately, there’s a new entry to the market of iPhone and docks that marries both of these concepts into one great project: A new Kickstarter project called the EverDock! Beyond its neat, minimal, precision-crafter aluminum exterior, however, there’s more to the EverDock than meets the eye.


In addition to its ability to support the iPhone 5S, 5C, the iPhone 5, older 30-pin iPhones and iPods, and any iPad ever made, it can also serve as a dock for Android devices, BlackBerry products, and more – it works with practically any smartphone or tablet in existence.

From the Kickstarter page:

EverDock: The only dock you’ll ever need. Works With Virtually ALL Smartphones and Tablets

Trying to decide if a device is compatible with an accessory should not be such a burden. So we started at the very beginning with this in mind. We looked at every possible combination of smartphone and tablet and used this research as the basis for creating the EverDock.  

Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, LG, Sony, Nokia. The list goes on. Whether you love iOS or Android, the EverDock has you covered.


The device is precision made from aluminum, and designed to be sturdy, while allowing devices to be inserted and removed from the dock with as little effort as possible. It also comes in either a dingle-device design, or a dual-device design, depending on how many things you plan to dock at one time.

It’s an extremely innovative dock – and for their asking price of a mere $50 contribution for a solid aluminum dock, it’s also a fantastic value. You can secure one of your own starting at just $49, or $69 for the dual-device version, and considering the campaign has already reached nearly 6 times its funding goal at the time of this writing, you won’t have to worry about whether the campaign makes it!

For more information, or to make a contribution and buy an EverDock of your own, check out the Kickstarter page online. But hurry – as of this moment, there are only 13 days left to make your move!

Update (10/10/2013): With just 6 days left in their Kickstarter campaign, the EverDock team has provided an additional video we think you will enjoy, showing the impressive holding power of the micro suction on the bottom of the dock. It’s a pretty fun demonstration to watch – so take a look below, and enjoy!