iPhone 5s Takes Top Spots at Carriers in September

iPhone 5s Takes Top Spots at Carriers in September

Apple’s iPhone 5s was the top selling smartphone at all four major U.S. carriers in September. The Cupertino firm’s iPhone 5c also performed well, landing in the top three at all four carriers.



Apple’s new flagship iPhone 5s and mid-range iPhone 5c were both among the top three sellers for the big four United States wireless carriers in September, investment bank Canaccord Genuity said Friday. The Touch ID-enabled iPhone 5s and new, colorful iPhone 5c took first and second place, respectively, for AT&T and Sprint but the iPhone 5c was pushed down one notch by Samsung’s Galaxy S4 at Verizon and T-Mobile retailers. 

The new handsets put Apple back on top as the top selling smartphone vendor in the Unites States for September. The position had been held by Samsung for the three months preceding. Healthy sales of the company’s two-year-old iPhone 4s, which customers can get “free” with a two-year contract, also helped the company to get back on top.

The iPhone 5s and 5c launched to record-breaking sales numbers in their first weekend of availability, and the iPhone 5s is still proving to be in short supply.

Canaccord does believe that Samsung’s upcoming Note 3 should allow the South Korean handset maker to compete well against Apple’s phones. The future is not as rosy, says Canaccord, for competitors HTC, Blackberry, and Motorola. HTC saw weak demand for its flagship HTC One handset, as it posted its first quarterly loss ever on Friday. BlackBerry saw “very soft” sales of its new Z10 and Q10 handsets, and Motorola saw sales of its newly updated Droid line of handsets suffer upon the introduction of Apple’s new devices.