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Kickstarter of the Week: AutoAide – Helps You Be Smarter Driving & Maintaining Your Car

Kickstarter of the Week: AutoAide – Helps You Be Smarter Driving & Maintaining Your Car

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually find out what the “Check Engine” light means when it lights up in your vehicle? What if there was a device that would work with your iOS or Android device that would tell you what it means, plus could even help you navigate more accurately, help you find a parking space, and could even help you find your car when you forgot where it was that you found that parking space? Welcome to AutoAide.

From the AutoAide Kickstarter Page:

AutoAide is a plug and play device for your car that couples with a free iOS or Android app to offer vehicle diagnostics, best-in-class navigation and parking support. Think of AutoAide as a docking station for your car to connect to your smartphone. *Patent Pending*

Our device improves your driving experience by showing you what that ‘check engine’ warning light means, improving Google Maps with more accurate GPS, helping drivers find parking spots before they open up and even avoiding parking tickets. With a one-time $65 cost and no subscription or update fees, AutoAide comes from the creators of Park.IT, a handy app that UrbanDaddy calls a “Parking God.”


AutoAide Key Features 


The AutoAide connects your iOS or Android device to your car’s computer system, giving you access to multiple services that help you maintain your car. AutoAide services are similar to GM’s OnStar and Ford’s SYNC, but at a lower entry fee ($65), and no subscription fees.

AutoAide Diagnostics will:

  • Tell you what warning lights in your car mean so you will know if the problem is critical (pull over right away!) or needs to be looked at later
  • Monitor your car’s battery health and tell you when a new battery is needed, rather than finding out when your car doesn’t start
  • Help you be better prepared to talk with mechanics about car problems because you’ll know what specific problems caused the warnings
  • Monitor your car’s mileage to remind you when scheduled maintenance is coming up (stretch goal)

AutoAide is installed in your vehicle via the On Board Diagnostic port – a standard feature on all vehicles made in 1996 and beyond.


AutoAide supercharges Google Maps app so you can enjoy the same quality a dedicated GPS system gives you using your smartphone! The AutoAide app turns off your phone’s GPS and automatically uses the AutoAide navigation tool, giving you more phone battery life and less to fiddle with during your commute.

AutoAide Navigation will:

  • Navigate anywhere with the touch of a finger on your Google Maps screen
  • See the address of a selected location (reverse geolocation)
  • Reduce phone battery drainage while on the road
  • Improve the performance of any app that uses GPS, such as Google Maps, Foursquare, Yelp and more


AutoAide can help you find parking, and avoid parking tickets. It will even locate your car if you forget where you parked.

AutoAide Parking will:

  • See parking spots before they actually open up
  • Know when other AutoAide users are vacating their spots (Read More about AutoAide Parking Sharing here)
  • Share where people have found parking for areas you’re not familiar with
  • Tell you if that open spot is legal to park in using the Can I Park Here? query
  • Set up and automatically clear reminders to help you avoid parking tickets. For cities not supported yet, the set up and clear is automatic but the details must be supplied by the user

Full features are currently only offered in four cities (San Francisco, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and New York City), but the company expects to expand into new regions as demand increases.


If the AutoAide interests you, be sure to visit the AutoAide Kickstarter site and take a look at the project. It might just fit your needs.

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