How to Make FaceTime Audio Calls in iOS 7

How to Make FaceTime Audio Calls in iOS 7

Among the more useful new features in iOS 7 is the ability to make audio-only FaceTime calls over WiFi or 4G – which can be extremely handy if you frequently talk to people in other countries, saving you tons of cash on international calling. Even better, making a FaceTime audio call is as simple as can be!


In just a few simply clicks, you can connect two devices using FaceTime Audio all the way across the world. Magically. Here’s how it’s done:

First, open up the FaceTime app, or the iOS 7 Contacts app, and pull up the contact you would like to have a FaceTime audio call with. In order for the process to work, there must be a blue FaceTime icon shaped like a telephone next to the person’s name, like the one below. This means the individual has iOS 7 and is set up to use FaceTime. Just click the icon to call the other person’s device!

You can also start a FaceTime Audio call from a regular phone call by tapping the FaceTime icon on the screen in the Phone app, or from Messages by scrolling to the top of the screen, and tapping the blue telephone icon.

The best part of FaceTime audio is that it doesn’t require a third party app – and in my experience, the audio quality is EXCELLENT. Voices came through clear, and there was no discernible audio lag, even with a less than ideal data connection. It’s free, it works well, and it’s easy to use – what more could you want?

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