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Owners of Early 2011 MacBook Pro Reporting Sporadic GPU Failures

Owners of Early 2011 MacBook Pro Reporting Sporadic GPU Failures

Owners of early 2011 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros are reporting issues with the AMD GPUs in their computers. In some cases, the component completely fails, requiring an expensive replacement of the logic board.



The problem, as highlighted by multiple threads on Apple’s Support Communities forum, first presents itself as a graphical glitch — or, in more serious cases, complete system lockup — when an affected MacBook Pro switches from the integrated Intel graphics chip to the discrete AMD graphics processing unit, or GPU. Reports of the issue first cropped up in February, but have become more frequent over the past month.

Apple introduced an automatic graphics switching system back in 2010, which automatically decides which graphics chip to use, the integrated chip, or the discrete chip, depending on the graphics task the user is working on.

Affected machines display discoloration, banding, and image distortion as the most common symptoms, however, users also report that their computers suddenly freeze without any graphical warning signs. Rebooting is reportedly not a remedy, and some users are attempting to remedy the problem by forcing the MacBook Pro to use only the integrated chips. These attempts have been met with only modest success.

Apple Support Communities forum user “saramwrap” has compiled data showing that the majority of affected machines are early-2011 MacBook pros equipped with the AMD Radeon 6750M GPU. However, users whose computers are equipped with Radeon 6490M, 6750M, and 6970M GPUs are also experiencing the problem.

Apple has not yet addressed the issue, and many users report the only repair option given to users without AppleCare coverage is a pricey $500 logic board replacement.

I have a early-2011 MacBook Pro equipped with a Radeon 6490M, and have so far not experienced any of the issues mentioned above. How about you? Have you experienced any GPU issues with your early-2011 MacBook Pro? Please let us know in the comments section below.

  1. mich says:

    Can’t boot since september on my MBP 2011 because of this problem. Hope Apple will fix that quickly 🙁

    1. soldecobre says:

      Same here. RIP my MBP 15″ (Early 2011).

      1. marios michael says:

        i have the same problem, mbp 2011, i replace logic bord before one month, and now the same story, apple should do something for this. im very disappointed, i pay for my mac 2000 euros and logic bord 600 euro, for this? why so many problematic cases and so unaffordable prices.

    2. drx1 says:

      that’s a shame, since that model has all the old stuff (USB2, HDMI, FW800, gigEnet and optical drive) and Thunderbolt 1… AND runs 1068.


  2. audhumbla says:

    I just lost my macbook to this! It’s currently being repaired at an apple reseller, and is going to cost me upwards of 600 euros!

  3. Edgar Byantoro says:

    I lost my entire 15 inch Macbook Pro because of this…. The screen went all spazz and the graphic cards chip was burnt.

  4. Theo says:

    Lucky the new mac pros use the nvidia chipset and not the AMD (alias the ATI) chipset.

    1. drx1 says:

      I’ve had issues with ATI/AMD, yet I know there can be issues with any component. Nothing is “trivial, automatic or bullet proof” though many may try to get you to believe this.

      My G5 DC was running the X1900 and my card melted twice – well not so much as melted, but it did work great to heat the house – as it worked great to pull in the winter air, but when the hot weather came – the card could not longer handle WoW .. then Photoshop got dicey and then well – it was replaced twice, but then finally died again – out of warranty.

      I wonder if this is a “too much thermal paste” issue or maybe over rated components. Many laptop GPUs are VRAM are rated for 105C because of the lack of cooling. If they are rated this high – I would guess someone was rubberstamping these ratings – lusted like Moody’s in 2006+ for housing loans.

      Apple should fix ever affected computer… well every early 2011 MBPro – and if LB/Graphics replacment boards do not fix it – they should offer a next best quality referb (late 2011 to rMBPro and beyond).

    2. drx1 says:

      AFAIK, t here were issues with the 2007 MBPro nVidia 8600 graphics … hardware. Maybe that was not as widespread?

  5. rlodina says:

    Yes – and the solution was a GPU reballing.

  6. elisa hidalgo says:

    I have the problem here
    And as Architect / Interior Designer in senior year im so screwed, have to use the bad computers in school
    Hope the do a replacement program

    1. drx1 says:

      bad computers from 2011?
      It is unfortunately Windows 8 is bad. So was 107x.

  7. Mista Man says:

    Aha, so that is the problem I have. I noticed that the screen “flickers” on greyscale images and other graphic distortions. Just hope my computers last another month so I can get a new one.

  8. Mark Gool says:

    i just got hit with that a month a go and now what can i do?

    1. My guess is that Apple will eventually launch a repair program for this, to serve people even if they don’t have AppleCare coverage.

  9. Afonso says:

    Started having problems yesterday, when my 2011 15” MBP 2.0 8GB RAM started freezing over video playback on Netflix. Tried PRAM and SMC reset to no avail. The freeze (screen turns black, but doesn’t actually turn off) happens every time there’s more load on the graphics card, like video playback and games.

    1. drx1 says:

      damn, I was looking at getting a 2Ghz 2011 15″ MBPro … hmmm.

  10. Thisal says:

    Yes I have the same issue. my one is not booting and when I gave it to repair they said they have to put a new logic bored

  11. mbarak says:

    Same issue here. Started 3 weeks ago. I sent an email to Tim Cook and Apple Customer Relations responded. The end result was I would have to fix myself. So I wrote a msg. to be copied and forwarded in the support community and it was removed by Apple. So I advise all with the problem to make as much noise as possible. When the cost of reputation exceeds cost of ignoring they will respond.

    1. Kimmie Sharon says:

      All of my posts are removed by Apple have been since I received the machine way back in early 2011 and it was DOA on arrival but they refused to replace it due to it being a special configuration they said it had to go to the depot to be repaired. Each repair makes it worse. So I stopped sending it in until Sept 2013 when it stopped working at all.

      I think a class action suit is the only thing that is going to wake Apple up and MAKE them fix the issue. I have a very high amount of lost wages due to the machine being in the depot for the last 3 months. It goes in they replace the logic board, air port, cables, fans, etc send it back and right out of the box it is still broke so I send it right back. It is my main workstation and I own my own company and anyone in the photography and music industry knows its dog eat dog and not much food so I am starving about now without a machine as its going in for the 4th replacement in 3 months.

      1. drx1 says:

        If your main (or only) work machine is down – get a new one – buy on credit – IF you have to … maybe “Apple credit” and then spend your non billables and get your attorneys talking to their other attorney friends. A class action gives a certain % of the victory $ to the attorneys – and hopefully and will wake the EF up.

  12. starsandbeyond says:

    There’s a survey about this issue that now has over 300 responses, nearly all describing 2011 MacBook Pros who have had graphics/display issues. My computer is currently doing alright with its fourth logic board… for now…

  13. Kevin P says:

    Absolutely I’ve experienced the graphics issues described in this article…with my 6490M graphics chip. It’s been going on for about 18 months or so now…sporadically and only infrequently has my system frozen after seeing the graphical glitches. Yet, it causes a shutdown when it happens and I need to disconnect my external monitor, often for an extended period of time before I can venture back and use the discreet graphics once again. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before the whole thing explodes.

  14. Wojzilla says:

    Apart from the original logic board failing the other “elephant in the room” is the fact that many of the replaced boards are failing in the exact same way. This doesn’t really instill confidence in paying for an OOW repair as you have only 90 days coverage on the replaced parts.

    I suspect many (if not all) of the replaced logic boards are refurbished boards, and due to the nature of the problem the fault is not being diagnosed during the refurbishment process.

    Apple needs to address the source of the problem rather than throwing a bandaid (new logic board) over it. I like many are holding out for apple to do an extended repair on these as I don’t want to go down the path of replacing the logic board 4 times before you find one that hasn’t failed (yet)

    1. Eduardo says:

      That is exactly my problem. I have had it replaced 3 times already (they have even replaced the display demonstrating how clueless they are about the issue).

      1. Wojzilla says:

        Doesn’t look like good news for anyone involved. My replacement board was DOA as it arrived at the service centre.
        Apple’s entire QA department must be on extended leave…

      2. drx1 says:

        at a certain point, lemon laws can take effect – depending on the state the device was purchased in … or purchased to (if it was done online).

    2. Kimmie Sharon says:

      They are being replaced with the same new or refurbished logic board that was in the original machine. I have had 3 and awaiting for the box to get my 4th one. I have been without my main machine 15″ early 2011 Macbook Pro since Sept 2013, but the machine was broke on arrival and Apple refused to replace it so I have had to work around the issues until September of this year when the machine no longer would work. 3 logic boards since Sept 2013 going on 4th and they ALL pass Apple’s hardware test. Of course all I hear is this is the first time they ever seen/heard of such an issue. They are all liars and I have proof of that because I spoke to customer service and she said she was going to call me in two hours and two weeks later I never heard from her. As I was talking to the tech to set up a repair for my 4th logic board I mentioned that and he said she sent him a email updating him stating she tried to call me but my phone was busy. I said well that is a lie given this is a business I have roll over lines so there is never a busy signal, answering service yes busy signal no. I asked him to enlighten me as to what she had to say and he got very pissy and refused to tell me. I am only a few months away from my Apple Care expiring so this is beginning to make me really pissy as at one time Apple did care however that was many moons ago.

    3. drx1 says:

      My guess is that if the graphics card part is to spec and it is still overheating ( >105C +), then its also frying the MOBO or logic board.

  15. romer says:

    Have the same issue today. I set gfxCardStatus for integrated card. Will wait for replacement program for 6 months. And if apple will not replace the board for free I never will pay more money for “quality of apple”.

    1. drx1 says:

      That is unfortunate. Maybe Apple will get a clue

  16. China_MACER says:

    Waiting .waiting…..& waiting for an announcement from Apple. For the past two weeks I have not shutdown my MBP since I fear it may never boot up.Currently running on Intel HD 3000 GPU with the help of a gfx program. Hope good sense prevails & Apple does something with this MBP which for 2 long years had no issues.

  17. Davide Pasca says:

    To follow on my previous suggestion. It’s actually better to boot in shell mode, instead of waiting for the Mac to overheat.
    – Press Cmd + s at start, and wait for the shell come up
    – At the prompt, type:

    mount -uw /
    mv /System/Library/Extensions/AMD* ~/Desktop/
    shutdown -h now

    ..restart and it will work. I just tested it with Mavericks, that reinstalled the AMD drivers and wouldn’t boot again.

    1. PCJ says:

      Davide, that seem to let me get straight back in, Big Thanks!
      What is this code actually doing though? If my system crashes again shall I do this again?

      1. Davide Pasca says:

        You’re welcome 8)

        > mount -uw /
        makes the file system writable, so that you can apply changes (it starts as read-only for safety)

        > mv /System/Library/Extensions/AMD* ~/Desktop/
        moves the AMD card drivers out of the folder where the OS expects them to be. If it can’t find them, it will fall back on the Intel integrated GPU, which is slower, but it works.
        Note that the files are moved to the Desktop. But they can be anywhere, as long as they are not in the original folder. You can even trash them, but it’s probably better to keep them around just in case.

        > shutdown -h now
        simply shuts down the system

        Those drivers shouldn’t come back, unless you’re doing a major system update. In fact I only did it once with Mountain Lion, and then had to do it again today after I installed Mavericks.

        1. PCJ says:

          Oh, cool – I thought it was something along those lines.

        2. PCJ says:

          Hey, So I moved the files to the desktop and the system loads, but still uses the AMD card which uses the monitor as a connected display. In GFXCardStatus the mornitor is in the dependencies list so the system runs like the card has no driver sand cannot switch to the Intel gpu – When i restored the drivers the folder to see if it will boot the systems will load just the same way as when the drivers were gone – so do you know how i can get it to try boot with the drivers again?

          1. Davide Pasca says:

            If you move back the drivers to the original folder, it should run as before.
            Without the drivers in the right place, the AMD card should just be ignored. Unless drivers are found from somewhere else. But I don’t really know about OS X internals. All I know is that moving the driver files/folders away forces the system to use only the Intel GPU, even at boot time.
            I don’t think I tried to use an external monitor since I moved away the drivers, so I’m not sure what happens with it and with gfxCardStatus.

            Good luck 8)

        3. Milk Nopsiri says:

          Hi Davide,
          When I try to do this I get the following:
          mv:root# mv /system/Library/Extensions/AMD* to /var/root/Desktop/: no such file or directory

          Any suggestions?

          1. Kristoffer Rom says:

            Did you figure this out?

          2. Davide Pasca says:

            Sorry for the late reply.
            ATI was bought by AMD and so it’s the same GPUs, only that later models dropped the ATI name in favor od AMD.
            Moving away the ATI directories may work.. but I’m not sure. I could only test with my MBP early 2011.
            In any case, never trash the files and always keep them handy in case you want to move them back to the Extensions folder for any reason.

          3. drx1 says:

            prob should move both ATI and AMD driver directories (anything with AMD* or ATI*) to the deskto – or does mv not like folders?

            Better still, tell the system to never use the AMD/ATI card and move the drivers.

            gfxcard app to Apple’s rescue.

    2. parker says:

      anyway to retrive the drivers. I cant seem to find them.

    3. Matt Babcock says:

      So I actually gained a new issue doing this. Now when I book I get text over top of my boot screen with the important part being the error, unable to find driver for this platform ACPI

      Apparently the way you fix this is booting into the recovery partition which I can’t do because of the graphics card error. Any ideas what I did wrong or what I can do to fix this?

      1. drx1 says:

        Possibly move the graphics drivers back … (make the system writable) …

        – forward: mv /System/Library/Extensions/AMD* ~/Desktop/

        – reverse: mv ~/Desktop/AMD* /System/Library/Extensions/

  18. John says:

    I have a late 2011 15″ MBP and am having the same GPU problems. I currently am using gfxCardStatus to force it to use the Intel GPU. Don’t know what to do, since I heard even if you get the logic board replaced the GPU on the replacement will eventually die too. I was planning on playing some games on my MBP, but I guess that’s not going to happen. Time to look for a Windows laptop I guess.

  19. poor designer says:

    same machine, same graphic card, same happening, worrying to pay that much money on repair a machine with carefully use but out of warrently, most of us are just designer with little earn, and we still need it to work, what can we do….

  20. Russ says:

    Just took my early 2011 MBP in for the second logic board replacement in the past two months. This one just squeaked in under the 90 day guarantee, or else I’d have been screwed out if another $600. This is a bunch of crap and costing me money, as I’m part of the photo/video community and alcant edit without my cr-Apple. This problem needs to be addressed and I’d like my $600 back!

  21. sunsetjunks says:

    Late 2011 MacBook Pro 15 inch – the same issue. Apple Certified Service Centre suggested replacing the logic board after a week in tests (all Apple tests showed no errors). Finally, had to use gfxCardStatus app to limit usage of graphics to integrated card…

  22. Kaspar128 says:

    It started 3 weeks ago. Early 2011 macbookpro started displaying blue distortion, followed by total freeze. I paid 2200 for this machine to expect a lifespan longer than 2,5 years! I find it humilitating that apple dares to charge people 500 euro’s for a fix that, by now, is well proven to be a faulty design.

    If I call a non-apple repairservice they already know what my issue is when I say ‘macbookpro early 2011’ (“Ah, problems with the video?/blue distortion, etc?)

    1. Apple themselves will not, has not, and have no plans on acknowledging there is any issue. When I refer them to the internet and all the threads including this one I was told they do not pay any attention to the aliens that write dribble on these threads because they have nothing better to do. When I asked for another box to send it back in to the depot he refused by saying the logic board was replaced 3 times in 2 months as well as the optical drive twice during that time, all the fans, all the cables twice, the airport twice and the list goes on. When I asked to speak with someone else he said there was no one else to speak with. He then said “My Condolences” and hung up.

      1. drx1 says:

        This is part of the “old” computer industry – like of like the old telco’s that want to have your cake and eat it too.

    2. drx1 says:

      I’m not sure humiliating is the correct word… and Apple simply charges the 500.

      I am not sure this is proven, either, yet the evidence looks fairly clear…

  23. Ivan C. Brugere says:

    I’ve been dealing with this issue since February on my Early 2011 MBP w/ 6750M, I get blue line-glitches on startup, kernel panic white screen after the apple logo. Been using gfxcardstatus but even on integrated my system has intermittent problems coming out of sleep (requiring hard restart, heat-up boot, etc) so it’s been an almost daily annoyance.

    I’ve been to the Apple store and they’ll do a repair, I gladly would after all the headache I’ve had over 9 months, but I work on my laptop every day and can’t take the four days turn-around. However, from stories here it looks like many users have tried several boards.

    You’d really think Apple would try and avoid hundreds or thousands of users staring with dread at their Apple logo on boot.

  24. Raj Dsouza says:

    I am facing the same issues with the GPU. Apple need to do something as after paying a premium for a laptop u don’t expect a manufacturing defect.

  25. Christopher Hayen says:

    I am having the same problem. I’m an Apple Developer and just installed the prerelease 10.9.1 update, and now using gfxCardStatus I can switch to Discrete Graphics without any crashes. Time will tell if my machine crashes or freezes again, but this is hopeful.

    The update on the developer portal side says it contains a graphics drivers issue, but when you get the update on the app store it does not.

    I’m also getting this message now when I switch between the two different graphics cards.

    11/22/13 11:22:30.076 AM WindowServer[92]: CGXMuxAcknowledge: Posting glitch less acknowledge

    Good luck!

    1. Raphael says:

      hey, Chris. How is your machine doing? did that tool still keep the things going ok?

      1. Christopher Hayen says:

        Unfortunately I am still getting errors. It worked alright for about a week after the update.

  26. sjardim says:

    I had the problem this month!

    Here’s my story:

    My macbook pro 15″ early 2011 (8GB + 512 SSD) was off for 15 days as I was on a trip. When I started it on, I noticed a yellowish 1 pixel vertical line taking the whole screen height. After 1 week +/- the line disappeared and everything went normal. But on this saturday (oct 23) all of a sudden both my screen and the computer froze. I tried to reboot it but after the Apple logo, the screen kept gray and the fans went wild as the mac was getting hotter. After 1 minute +/- it shutted off.

    I tried everything (safe boot, recovery mode, NVRAM reset) but none worked.

    I took it the Apple authorized service here in Brazil yesterday and today they told me they will need to replace the logic board. Lucky me, my Apple Care is valid (expires feb 2014).

    1. sjardim says:

      UPDATE: mine had its logic board replaced a week ago because of the GPU failure. My Apple Care was still valid, so I didn’t have to pay. 🙂 But there is a recall for that.

      1. Bill Addison says:

        When you say there’s a recall for this issue, do you have a link for this on the Apple site? I’m also in Brazil and don’t have Apple Care but would like to have this fixed for free as it’s obviously a product defect.

        1. sjardim says:

          Bill, I don’t. The technician told me that. You have to check the authorized services centers on the city you are.

          1. I still get the same old song and dance from the call center “there is no such issue and I am the only person with such problem”. I live in Tennessee however the techs I speak with are located all over the US given they are in different time zones than I am, all with the same old song and dance. I have spoken with front line tech’s, senior adviser and customer service. They will not even send me a box to send it in any longer because they said it passes their test and each time they open the machine they have to replace the logic board because it fails and I am like WTF? I have Apple Care and you won’t repair it because it passes the test but you know if you open the machine it will fail the test as it has 3 times in less than 6 weeks? He said that is correct, and added my condolences before he hung up the phone. They refuse to let me talk to anyone higher in rank as they say there is no higher rank. The customer service lady told a straight up lie to the senior adviser I was working with when she wrote him an email stating she called me and my phone was busy which is untrue given this is a business its impossible to get a busy signal on my phone if the main line is in use it rolls over to my answering service. If I am screening calls it goes to my answering machine. Once he let that cat out of the bag they removed him from my case and put another senior adviser on my case which is the person that called everyone on these boards aliens making trouble because there is no issue or report of any such issues. He also is the one that stated the machine could not go back into the shop because it passed the test and they will not open the machine again. Then some random dude called me to inquire if I knew why my machine was not being sent in and I repeated exactly what I was told by the senior adviser and requested to speak with someone higher up which was refused and he said my condolences and hung up on me. Currently I have a very expensive paper weight but as soon as the holidays are over I am going to keep calling and writing everyone I can until they first admit there is an issue then replace it, the machine not just the logic board because my logic board has been replaced and that does not fix the issue the board/GPU combination is defective so replacing a defective part with another defective part doesn’t fix the issue. Over time the GPU is not the only issue, I also have RAM issues, where 8G is in there however only 4G is recognized on bootup and drops to 1 or 2G shortly after bootup without doing anything. The optical drive has been replaced 3 times and still burns coasters, the USB port has no power, the sound has issues as well and the list goes on. That model is a lemon plain and simple and trying to fix hardware issues with a software patch is like putting a band aid on a deep cut to the jugular vein.

      2. Mine has been replaced 3 times still does not work. Apple will not even let me send it back in because it passes their hardware tests. Apple denies there is any issues with the logic board or the GPU it was only me so I pointed them to various forums on the net with this site being at the top of the list. They responded by saying they do not listen to any of the aliens “users on forums” or their complaints because they are trying to cause trouble. I was then told by some dude, my condolences and he hung up on me. Nothing has been done since. My warranty runs out March 2014 so I guess their ploy is to wait until my warranty runs out then try to charge me to fix it which they have no fix for because they do not even acknowledge there is an issue. I have dropped thousands upon thousands on Apple and software for Apple for my recording studio and photo studio but I bought a Windows 8.1 machine something I never thought I’d do but $799 versus $3500 is a pretty big reason to begin the switch. So far all the software that I use that has a Windows version is giving me the Windows version and key since I can’t use the Mac. I have one iMac and it still works and the specs are identical but no issues, as of yet and that is what I am using for the applications I use that does not have a Windows version while I find an alternative for the Windows machine. I will not spend one more penny on Apple or any products they sell. It is time for me to get all my company cellphones and this time around I am not buying iPhones like I normally do… Galaxy here I come!

        1. sjardim says:

          Kimmie, very sad to hear your story. 🙁 I’m afraid I’m about to repeat it. See below:

          UPDATE: My mac gave me the same warning sign it did on the week previous to the logic board failure. The vertical yellow line appeared again on the screen. 🙁

          I’m doing my time machine backup right now and calculating the money losses. I’ve also paid $3,500 on this mac (on april 2011).

          1. Given my line of work I have lost a lot of money due to my main workstation being down. I lost at least $25,000 and skating on thin ice with some of my clients. I have not been able to use my machine since early Sept 2013. The sad part is the machine did not work properly when I bought it and I called in to have it replaced the day I received it and they told me I had to send it in to the repair center. I did not know I could have forced that issue and made them replace it however it wouldn’t have done much good given they would have replaced it with the same broken logic board which leads me to believe Apple knew there was issues way back in the beginning. Very much like the Sandy Bridge issue when Apple was the ONLY manufacturer that decided to stay on schedule and sell the broken Sandy Bridge issue before Intel had a chance to fix it. All other manufacturer’s decided to wait till the issue was fixed, Apple pushed down a software update to “fix” a hardware issue, which by the way it did not fix again it was a cheap band aid. Good luck on getting your machine in good working condition sjardim but don’t hold your breath! They will be all cheerful and happy to help until they replace it several times then you get the cold shoulder, no replies to emails, no call backs from phone calls and they will switch you to another senior tech who is cheerful until the machine does not work or stops working shortly after you get it back. Just for kicks as an Apple tech if they have heard of this issue, they will tell you no. If you talk to an Apple Authorized Repair shop they know exactly what it is when you describe the problem but again replacing a defective part with another defective part does not equal fixed.

          2. drx1 says:

            Kimmie – you should not be skating anywhere. If you have “lost $25k” I think you should have a new or at least working machine at the $1K lost mark. The business process is not beyond your control – maybe Apple is clueless, I hope you are not…

          3. No I am not clueless I ditched all Apple products and in the process of going public with all of our stories. That will be followed by a class action suit.

            I switched to Lenovo W540, Windows but hey the machine works and I bought two and am able to run my business without issues. I should not have had to do that and spend all that money though when Apple has faulty parts and they know it. I can’t let them get away with it on principal alone.

  27. ex-Apple customer says:

    I am really disappointed that my Early 2011 MBP survived for only 2 years and is now unusable. I would expect more from a $3000 machine “Designed by Apple in California”

  28. Jeff Chiow says:

    I have this problem just last Saturday ..and the worst thing is I was rushing a video for my client that day. After it turned blue screen when I am editing , I feel like it is end of the world. Now gonna change the logic board. Ishh , planning to get newest 13″ mbp for fcpx usage. Will it works better ?

  29. Greg says:

    I’m also having this problem. The bigger problem in my opinion is that Apple is absolutely unable to fix it yet. Most of the users are unfortunately out of warranty and spend good energy begging for an answer. But some others are not and do not get anything either.
    Professional users should not have to spend money/time/energy in looking for sideways-solutions in order to keep their business working. Specially when they already paid PRO-ranked money for this tool.

    1. drx1 says:

      true, yet the show must continue – business is business and I have no idea why anyone would fail to replace anything that is costing him, her or the business hundreds or thousands of dollars …

      Yep it sucks. Sometimes, that’s business. Sometimes you have to talk to an attorney.

  30. Now a PC GUY again unfortunate says:

    me too. F&#$*&*&$# APPLE. I am so done with them.

  31. After my Macbook Pro returned for the 4th time still unusable after the replacement of 3 logic boards, two ariports, the optical drive, the left and right fans, all the cables as they were visibly defective according to the sheet they sent me telling me everything now passed their test. However I have received three other of those papers since Sept 2013 and my machine usable as they replaced parts, sent it back, I turned it on, and it didn’t work, it went back. Now I receive a call from someone out of the blue that I have never spoken to wondering if I had any questions as to why nothing could be reproduced, I said no, I have no questions, I know why they can not reproduce the issues, one must actually work on it to reproduce it. For example one of my USB ports had NO power and I receive a call from the “White Glove” manager telling me it has passed all test. I asked if he plugged anything into that port he said no I said to humor me, a week later I received the machine back with another defective logic board because sure enough the USB had NO power along with some other cable that again were visibly defective. Letting a hardware test run isn’t going to find the issue. I have Apple “DOES NOT” Care and its worthless as unless they can reproduce with their hardware test nothing will be done to my machine period. They know if they open it up or use it they will and have found the issues and replaced the faulty parts however there is no fix so now they are not even trying anymore. Seems to me it will require a class action suit required to get it replaced. I have a VERY expensive paper weight and Apple’s response is sorry and I swear the guy said, “my condolences to you”. I asked to speak to someone else and he said sorry there is no one else to speak to and hung up. Want Apple… think again. If you DO get Apple DO NOT order a special configuration or you will be sitting on an extremely expensive paper weight.

    1. brandi o says:

      I have a 15″ mbp. 2.3ghz with the amd gc. I have replaced the logicboard and ram twice in 6months. My laptop now needs its second logicboard replaced (6mo). Its actually been less than 6mo. My laptop crapped out on me one month after the repair warranty(90day) ended.
      I have taken the thing in between an authorized apple tech and the apple store a total of 5 times since repair. Just diagnosed the logic board issue.
      I tried to place a claim via phone, tried to plead with two apple managers, even emailing the authorized apple tech to try and state that this is a defect. Its not right!
      The third party apple tech suggested I email tim cook.


      1. drx1 says:

        I think everyone with a MBPro 2011 issue should email Tim Cook … hopefully it will either:
        jam up his mailbox – and get good attention
        jam up the mail filter and then jam up the mailbox and get good attention

  32. jay says:

    i think i also have the same problem with my wife’s macbook all the hype that it is the most advanced technology got my wife to buy it… and yet it can’t even handle google chrome(with all the kernel crash and all). and now after two years while she was streaming a video the screen suddenly froze with pixelated and garbled colors. i thought we just need to do cold shut down and it will recover but then i was wrong. when we boot it up after 20 mins the screen shows a pixelated grey apple and after the spinning thingy is done the screen just becomes blank grey. i even tried to boot it up on safe mode and the same thing happens only difference is at the end you get a pixelated blue screen…

    1. Ellz says:

      Same thing happened to me. I’m sure that’s a fried graphics card/logicboard. Have you take your wife’s laptop in for a check-up?

      1. jay says:

        well since i’m in Singapore authorized service shops quoted me S$120 for diagnostics and they told me that if the logic board is the problem it may cost around S$800-S$1000 we bought the unit for S$2500 so i told them its not gonna happen so i guess my wife would be content in having one of the most expensive paper weight in the world.

        1. My Macbook Pro cost $3500 because I had a special configuration for my music studio and photo studio. The logic board has been replaced 3 times in 2 months along with a whole host of other things and it still does not work. I have a fortune tied up in Apple software and I have been contacting the vendors explaining my situation because Apple has not fixed it. Many of the vendors are allowing me to have a Windows license since I am not using my Mac license. Of course not all the software I use has a Windows version and I haven’t used Windows since the early 90’s I am all Unix (since the 80’s), Linux (since Linus Torvalds uploaded it), Mac (since 2006), so Windows 8.1 looks like a nightmare to me. Never thought I’d ever own a windows machine but $3500 for a paperweight verses $779 for a Toshiba with better specs than the Macbook Pro well its pretty much a no brainer. I have passed along my story to many other music studio’s and photo studio’s who have already made the switch to Windows, are thinking of switching or in the process of switching.

          There was a time when one could purchase a Apple product and know it was worth the extra money however that is no longer the case. Given the entertainment, music, photography industries have been struggling for a long while now Apple is definitely not playing their cards properly because the software companies have caught up by producing Windows software for the 64bit versions. We all know it will be costly up front but then it will level out then the less we are required to pay in hardware, software, repairs, etc that means profits will be up. I mean seriously for a low end, not business worthy, one can buy a Windows machine for what it cost for Apple Care, which in the end they have proven Apple Does Not Care. If they did care this thread would not be necessary and there wouldn’t be so many Macbook Pro paper weights laying in a corner because we just can’t bring ourselves to pitch out what was once a beautiful piece of work, brings me to tears just the thought of it.

          1. Innovative says:

            I agree completely. Have been frantically trying to get somewhere with Apple about this “lemon” and nothing. So many problems with the mid 2010 17″ pro.

          2. Erik Trigoso says:

            My first Mac: Macbookpro 15 late 2011 (~US$2400) diplay-off due to GPU issues. A second mac I purchased for my fiancee: Macbookpro 13″ mid 2012(~US$1660) had its Toshiba 750GB HDD dead. All of this happened around march 2014. What would I should problaby think about Apple’s Quality Control and Apple Products’ lifespan?… Can someone explain this to me?.

            I’m losing time and money,…and probably the most important…values: confidence and trust…, in Apple brand, in Apple people.

            I work in the peruvian jungle; and no, there is no Apple Support Service here.

            Should I pray to Pope Saint John Paul II for Apple’s Ethics?

            Take a look at this from:
            >Design for Durability
            -You don’t have to buy a new Apple product to have one that feels new. We make it easy to update to new versions of apps, software, and entire operating systems — OS X Mavericks works on Mac computers made as far back as 2007 — so you’ll have a new experience without buying a new device.-…
            …-Our built‑in notebook batteries last up to five years. Which saves on buying new batteries, produces less waste, and increases the lifespan of your notebook.
            And when Apple product owners pass along their devices to friends or family, they’re conserving resources, too. Sometimes the mark of a great product isn’t how many you sell, but how much it’s used.-

            Last paragraph explains the reasons why i did buy APPLE products. and now i’m very disapointed.

          3. drx1 says:

            Hard disk drives (HDD) fail all the time … though it is fairly easy to run automatic clones (or copies) to a locally attached drive (USB, FW, etc..) and have a bootable backup… though Time Machine is good for data, it wont clone the system… Super Duper will, so will CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner).

    2. tmikah says:

      Same thing happened to me

    3. drx1 says:

      It would not about Chrome or advanced technology. I know of no technology that will work with the parts are burning, melting or going beyond spec (heat wise or otherwise) …

      Of course the nice thing about Apple is they make the “whole widget” and they (in theory) are responsible and stand behind their products …

  33. Andrew L says:

    Just had my first light blue screen when the computer attempted to switch to discrete graphics. Computer was responding normally, just nothing on the screen except blue. Force quit Safari (which was loading a youtube, causing the discrete switch) and put the computer to sleep, then waked it, and it was back to normal on the integrated graphics. I fear this is the first glitch and it’ll only get worse.

  34. Ellz says:

    This happened to me in early October. I have a 2011 15″ 2.0 Ghz Core i7 Macbook Pro with AMD Radeon HD 6490M. My Laptop suddenly started to glitch and completely shut-down. I wasn’t able to restart my computer and wasn’t able to make it past the loading screen. Took my laptop into Apple and got quoted $275 to have the entire logicboard replaced as a result of Graphic Card failure. I was obviously out of warranty. If this is a wide-known problem, I’m certainly going to try and get my money back from Apple. The problem I’m experiencing now is my when I’m working with any Graphic-intense software such as Cinema4D or After Effects, I can see the OS switching graphics cards by my screen going from a warm tint to a cold blue tint instantly. Geez.

  35. Jef says:

    Late 2011 MacBook Pro 17″ has now been crashing for two weeks. What a joke…last apple product I buy!!!

  36. KiOng says:

    Hitting the same issues, after upgraded to Mavericks, the machine will start to have display distortion and freezes with split screen or produce a black screen. Machine will reboot after a mere 5 mins and sometimes halt at the grey screen without the login prompt. This is getting irritating as this is happening everyday!

    1. ad says:

      Exact same problem here!

      1. Elimar Ugueto says:

        Same problem right here $2800 and just run out of apple care which i pay almost $400 for 3 years. Its like calculated

  37. Maxim says:

    Same problem

    1. Maxim says:

      I have a macbook pro 15inch mid 2010 with Nvidea GT 300m
      I’ve had scrambled colors frequently and regular system crashes. I’m hoping that only using the dedicated graphics card will do the trick.
      Testing GraphicsCardStatus 2.3

  38. Dewi Jones says:

    my macbook pro is dead. Can’t even boot up. When trying to boot up in recovery mode I get nothing except black and blue lines on the screen 🙁

  39. Innovative says:

    Macbook Pro 17″ (mid 2010) $2800. As of three weeks ago unusable because of screen distortion. Have had machine less than three years. Had logic board and other hardware replaced during the first year. Very disappointed with this “pro” version.

  40. Bill Addison says:

    Yes, I’m experiencing this exact problem with a Macbook pro early 2011 model. It seems to happen when Flash is being used and it bands vertical pink lines across white areas of the screen.

  41. Raybanboy says:

    My early 2011 Macbookpro just cost me $600CDN for a new logic board. Symptoms were just as described in this post – all video related, black screen, split screen, won’t boot, white screen with red lines. I took it all the way to Apple care phone support who tried Apple engineering – I offered to pay 50% – no joy even for a good customer (have bought numerous Apple laptops over the years). Extremely disappointing for a company not to even offer a small amount of help to repair it. Had to have it fixed – no option.

  42. tricia says:

    Yup I have AMD Radeon HD 6490M and I have been finding that after waking up the computer from sleep I often find a completely pixelated screen. I have to turn it off and on to get it to look normal. It’s happening with more and more frequency.

  43. p says:

    happened to me 🙁 I don’t know what to do.

  44. Jory says:

    Oh dear! I realise I’m getting into this game too! Early 2011 17″ MacBook Pro/ AMD Radeon HD 6750M/ Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB/ OS X 10.8.5 (12F45) / 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3/ – Same story! This seems like an APPLE FLAP. They better do the RIGHT THING here, or IT WILL turn into a big stink.

    1. I am certainly not at all happy that anyone is having all these issues however given we are all having the same issues I am glad people are making noise about it because Apple still denies there is an issue and my Macbook Pro is the only machine they know of that is having this issue.

      I have pointed them to this as well as other forums to wit they refer those that write here as aliens and trouble makers because there is no basis or documentation within the Apple Corporation of the existence of any such issue(2) or complaints except from me.

      My Apple Care runs out in a couple of months and they will not even send me a box to ship to the depot to be fixed because it passed all their tests, which their “tests” does not reveal the issue. However if they open the machine the issues become obvious as it does affect more than just the GPU. Given they changed my logic board three times within 2 months as well as many other parts including the wiring, airport, and optical drive all more than once or twice inside 2 months and the issues still remain they are stalling me until my Apple Care runs out then I will not have a leg to stand on.

      If you are looking for them to do the right thing then you will be waiting till hell freezes over and it will take a lot more than just us on this forum to cause a large enough stink to even have Apple consider there may be an issue.

      1. Jory says:

        Thanx Kimmie. So u suggest writing directly to Apple? What department?

        1. I wish I knew I have talked to everyone they would transfer me to or give me an email address to and its done no good I am still sitting here with an expensive paper weight!

          I have 8G RAM in it and it boots up and only shows 4G or less and just idling with nothing running it drops to 1G or less over an hour or so and shuts off after a day or so of no use giving a red warning of low RAM and if I happen to time it right I can see how much RAM is there before it shuts off and its usually around 96M – 400M. If I am using it the RAM disappears fast and locks up and I lose everything. BUT it passes their tests. The video goes blank but it passes their test. The airport drops its connection but it passes their test. The optical drive burns coasters but it passes their test. The list goes on but my patience does not, I am at the end of my rope!

          I have spoken to tech support, several agents and different tiers, its been escalated to Engineering and they said it passes their tests. I have spoken to customer service to no avail. I asked who else I could speak with and I was told nobody else handles this type of issues especially when it passes all the tests and they have no issues with anyone else complaining about the same issues.

          Three days after I received my still broken laptop back from the depot some dude called me and asked if I knew why they sent it back I said yes I was told because it passed all their test. He said my condolences and hung up.

          That is when I began searching the forums diligently and seen how many people are having the same issues. Unfortunately many do not report it or get it repaired which in the eyes of Apple means there is not an issue. If a repair is not done the issue is not documented especially if there is no Apple Care in place. So I’d say everyone with the issue report it to customer service and tech support even if you can’t get it repaired at least make sure its reported, diagnosed and passed to customer service so Apple can’t sweep the issues under the rug stating there isn’t an issue.

          1. Jory says:

            Doesn’t sound good. I’ll write Apple. Thank you.

    2. Robert says:

      I have the exact same system as yours, did you find any solution?


      1. Jory says:

        Robert, please see my response here today, starting with “Same problem with my Early 2011 17″ MacBook Pro…”

  45. robert says:

    Same problem. Macbook pro 15 2011 switches to split screen and then goes gray. Long time apple user very frustrated with Apple. Not the same company it was 3 years ago.

  46. Yabbster says:

    Add me to the list MBP early 2011 17″ with huge problems under 10.9, 10.8.5 runs just fine. So NO hardware issue from my point of view. Seems that after a PR/SMC-reset or booting on the internal gfx card helps for a while.

  47. gnushell says:

    I have the same problem. My MBP is currently bricked, even though I disabled the Radeon. Turns out it was too late. I took it to the genius, told him that it had a GPU failure and after he verified things gave me the logic board replacement options. I need my Mac for consulting work and music and it’s affecting my income now.

    The graphics failure rendered as the pixelated thing the first few times. Then it just went blue. Nothing gets it to work and Apple isn’t helping at all.

    1. Well you and I are in the same boat as I am in the music industry and photography industry. I am a Publicist ● Management Consultant ● Press Agent ● Public Relations ● Music Journalist ● Photographer for artists around the globe and its beginning to affect my income too.

      I still have photos I took from photo shoots this summer not finished and several things not mixed and mastered and forget my radio shows.

      Does Apple Care? No that is why I said they left out two words in their warranty… DOES NOT so it should read Apple “DOES NOT” Care. Until it affects their income they will not care we are merely a spec of sand on their humungous playground.

  48. Robert says:

    I am at the moment trying to find solution for my MacBook Pro as well. After experiencing grey screen, freezing, blue screen and halving and distortion of screen I reinstall “Lion 10.7.5” last night, but when I was going to setup back languages and all this things, so already during this process my computer turn into that strange blue patterned screen and I needed to restart again and do all from beginning. After I was able to reach screen, I was going to install my Adobe. What happened …? Blue screen again and I never finish installing, because this blue disaster constantly happening over and over again. Now also fanner suddenly starting fanning like crazy.
    I would be more than happy to hear that there is free solution for this …

    Thank you,

  49. Vlad Gidea says:

    Same here. I now have a really expensive paperweight 🙁 Our biggest mistake is that we’re complaining on blogs and forums and not on Twitter. These corporations only care about their social media image, so we need to hit them where it hurts. Let’s pick a hashtag like #mbp2011 and make it a trending topic

  50. Ronny says:

    I have problem with my macbook pro early 2011.

    1. Ronny says:

      Can we change the graphic card or logic board.. Will this issue happen again near future. And what is the cost to change in Malaysia.

      Thank you

      1. Ainol Haslizan says:

        Logic Board replacement in malaysia , RM2200 at machine mid valley. i just send it a few days ago.

        1. azraeil bane says:

          RM2200? Damn!, I have an early 2011 Macbook pro 15″ and have been having the same problem. I suspect it to be a logic board issue. Boot up and only the grey screen appears (no login) and after doing the VRAM/PRAM, SMC reset and you name it, manage to get it to boot properly and in that 20 minutes that it was alived, managed to backup some of the important stuff. After 20 minutes, it locked up with the blue and red vertical lines. When I rebooted it, the grey screen of death appears again. When I use a Mountain Lion install USB thumbdrive to boot, a blue vertical line appears. Apple should make the same admission as the mid-2010 15″ MBP, for that unit, they admit that very few units (meaning, almost all in gobledegook speak) were defective and they will cover any service and replacement of the parts 3 years from the date of purchase.

  51. steve says:

    Similar problems with our early 2011, 15″ MB Pro (AMD Radeon HD 6490M gpu). Problem has been getting progressively worse … a photo of what our display looks like is attached. Has anyone pointed someone from Apple to this post for a response? No Mac store anywhere near where we live an unsure how to proceed for a fix.

    1. Yes I did point Apple Reps here but they said they do not believe any of the “aliens” that get on boards and forums that try to cause trouble because there is no such issue or defect. Apple is not and will not acknowledge what is happening.

      I live a long ways from an Apple store too and usually send it into the depot, which is what you could do, they ship a box, if under warranty they pay shipping both ways, send it to the depot fix it, if under warranty at no cost to you. However if you do not have a warranty you have to pay to have it shipped both ways and if you decline the repair you have to pay a set fee which I do not recall the amount, for their troubleshooting but its a ridiculous amount but we are talking Apple so of course it will be expensive. You could also take it to an authorized Apple service center, if you call the tech support or customer service they can help you find a place.

      Given they know I live a long way from an Apple store, 1 1/2 hours or more one way. I was told given it has been in the depot 4 times in 2 months and they replaced the logic board 3 times the only way they will honor the Apple Care Warranty is to take it to the Apple Store. I am sure they are hoping I won’t, but I am going to soon as I can get there its snowing here and since I live in a mountainous area when it snows even a dusting everything closes down.

      I asked if he was stating that the people working at the depot are not qualified as those in the Apple Store? He said no but sending it to the depot hasn’t fixed it. I said probably because its a major defect. Which of course he denied again.

      I talked to the Apple store and they said they will just send it to the depot to be fixed since they do not have the resources to fix it.

      1. Reuben says:

        Yep same problem with my MBP early 2011, class action anyone?

        1. That is the only way anything is going to get done in my humble opinion. I plan on looking into beginning a class action suit here in Tennessee next week. Something has to be done to force Apple to replace these machines because replacing defective logic boards with a defective logic board will in time render the machine unusable due to the defects.

          I have found the replacement logic boards are dying within in weeks or days of being replaced which leads me to believe once the damn breaks with the GPU it begins to cause defects to many areas in the machine. One of the logic boards I had replaced came back and one of the usb ports had no power. I sent it back in this time they called it the white glove treatment, which I think ALL machines should get equal attention, but I digress. After days at the depot I received a call from the manager at the depot saying they could not reproduce the errors. I asked if they tried putting a device of any type in the usb port next to the thunderbolt port and he said no all we do is run software stress tests to see if anything fails. He did go back and plugged in a usb wireless mouse and sure enough no power and they logic board was replaced.

          When I received the machine it still did not work properly and has been out of use since Aug 2013 and Apple refuses to honor the Apple Care which runs out in a couple of weeks. They said they rely solely on the software stress tests and if it passes then there is no problems. I said well that is certainly not the case given it passed all the tests last time yet when they actually put hands on it and plugged in a device they found there was no power and the logic board they had just put in there a few days earlier and sent back to me was defective.

          He said my condolences and hung up on me. I am not going away quietly I have far too much money invested in not only the mac’s but the software. So yes I am all for class action, I played by the rules, jumped through all their hoops and tried to settle this in a professional business manner however Apple is being totally unreasonable.

  52. Jeremy says:

    Add me to the list for this issue: Grey pixelated screen that never boots entirely. Apple is quite aware of this problem, I can assure you. I took my 2010 MacBook Pro to an Apple store and they stated it was a hard drive issue and it needed to be replaced. I picked it up and replaced the drive on my own. I wanted a larger drive with faster RPMs. So after installing… you guessed it: That wasn’t the problem. As a matter of fact, I ran a disk diagnostic of the disk in question through another machine and it reported all was well with it. Why in hell would an Apple representative hold my computer for a week and report a disk problem when none exists, quoting almost $300 for it? Great business savvy, Apple.

    1. I bought a custom made Toshiba with better specs and only a 1/3 of the price of my Macbook Pro paper weight. However I have so much money tied up in software and hardware for my studio, music and photo that in reality a Windows machine is not going to be able to replace the Macbook Pro but it will allow me to do some things until Apple does something or a class action suit is filed and they are forced to do something.

      Apple is going to go down in flames if they do not fix this issue. The biggest reason they are not doing anything is because a simple replacement part, logic board and any of the other components that are affected over time will not fix it, mine has been practically gutted and still has the same issues. In order to make things right they have to replace the entire machine and Apple isn’t about to replace all the early 15″ Macbook Pro’s they sold that are having issues, not even for those of us with that have Apple Care.

      I have all the documentation from the depot and I had them posted here but whoever runs the site took them down. I was just showing that inside two months all that was done to the machine and each letter said the machine passed all their tests yet when I fired it up the issues where still present and I called immediately and had it sent back in. It went back and forth for two months and now they will not even send me a box.

      The frustration alone I should sue for pain and suffering not to mention lost wages. The last phone call I had a mini stroke over the entire thing so I can tell you from experience its not worth getting that pissed off about it but nevertheless that is how frustrated I was and still am while I watch my Apple “DOES NOT” Care warranty gets closer and closer to being expired in a little over a month.

  53. Jory says:

    FOLKS, I’m willing to open a Facebook page devoted to this problem, adding the posts that all of you (or the ones willing to participate) posted. I think that may pull in even MORE Apple customers suffering from this particular syndrom. The heavy traffic I expect plus the potential visibility of the site may cause Apple to DEAL WITH IT. It would be worthwhile if somebody did the same on Twitter; I do not have an account. Please give me FEEDBACK.

    1. I’m in! You can post everything I have written. I am busy as all get out but I will do what I can to help you out.

    2. steve says:

      There is already a facebook page devoted to this issue. Apparently, it has been introduced in this discussion before but the details have been edited out (?) of postings. Logging in to facebook and searching for it under “2011 macbook pro discrete graphics card issue” will bring it up. There is already at least one more page on facebook devoted to this issue as well.

      1. I have not edited anything of the sort out of the comments.

        1. steve says:

          My apologies. That must have been another site / thread (there are quite a few of them on this subject!)

  54. Mrln says:

    Here NON-stop problems over the past 2 years since purchase. Logic board replaced 3 times, new RAM all under warranty but still no cure. Soon I will place a SSD myself hoping that it will solve something but I would prefer Apple recognizing the problem!

    1. Mine was DOA and they refused to replace it. I was told because I ordered it online, from the Apple Store, and it was a special order I had to send it in to the depot. I was told if I had bought an off the rack so to speak computer I could have returned it but mine was special order to suit me music studio needs. It cost me well over $5000 just to purchase all the stuff I needed to work around all the issues that was wrong with the machine. I sent it in to the depot and they sent it back and the only thing that did work was my optical drive they replaced and when I got it back the optical drive no longer worked either.

      I called them and they said it passed all the test so I had to wait until it was so bad it no longer passed the test. That was in March 2011. As of Sept 2013 it has been in the shop 4 times with the logic board replaced 3 times, optical drive replaced 2 times, all wiring replaced, both the left and right fans replaced and the list goes on yet it STILL passes all their tests.

      I called them back and they told me they were not allowing it to go back into the depot, it passed the test and that is all that have to make sure of. However it passed all their tests previously as well but someone opened the machine and found all the issues and replaced all the parts but they said they will not open the machine back up and I have their condolences but as long as it passes their tests that is all they are bound by law.

      I said so you are just going to wait till my warranty runs out then I will have no leg to stand on. They said is it usable I said no, they said then it should fail their test. They are sweeping it under the rug and hoping everyone just goes away. All the early 2011 warranties will be up soon for those that have them then that lemon machine will no longer be a thorn in their side but they will lose many customers in the process. I am one of the lost customers and given I own two companies and have many contacts that I have already passed around all the letters, emails, etc to colleagues some of which have already switched to Windows the rest are seriously thinking about going to Windows as Apple has gone down hill fast since Jobs passed away. If he were still here there would be a lot of lost jobs over this because back then Apple took pride in their company and keeping the customers happy. Now customers are just another number in the call center.

  55. Bill Addison says:

    I’ve experienced this problem, MBP mid-2011.

  56. delgomex says:

    My late 2011 Mbacbook Pro 17″ also facing the same problem here.
    Using gfxStatus and using only onboard graphic processor. And everytime i turn to discrete it will split the screen, turn to blue, or only grey screen.
    To be honest im not afford to change my logicboard with that amount of money.
    Hope there’s a very good action from Apple regarding to this GPU failure matters!
    I spent lot of money for this mbp not for this of course 🙁

  57. woutercx says:

    Same here, Macbook pro 15 Late 2011. Last friday it switched to a split screen, I had to do a hard reboot. And then it showed a gray screen on boot, doesn’t get to the login screen anymore. I brought it in for repair, but I have read in the forums that replacing the motherboard is only a temporary fix, and the problem returns. This is awful, I became an iPhone developer recently, you can only develop for it with a Mac!

  58. Rachel Noonan says:

    having the same problem with absolutely no warning. screen was fine then next time I booted up it went to a grey screen , tried starting in safe mode now all I get is a bright blue screen with vertical red lines. dreading taking it to a shop to see what’s wrong, just can’t afford to fix it, only replace the hard drive 3 months ago. mines a 15 inch early 2011 MacBook Pro . probably best to get a new one though to be honest losing faith in apple which is sad as I’ve been a mac user for over 12 years.

  59. Dr_d says:

    Same problem here. I get a blue screen with black lines after a random time of use. Seems to appear more frequently when using a beklin Thunderbolt dock and a second screen connected on it.

  60. Haley Marie Sills says:

    I have the same problem with my 13 inch 2011 early Mac book pro! I paid money for a top of the line machine and have had a lemon from day one. I thought it getting to hot for my lap was just because it wasn’t venting enough and bought a cooler tray. I work and go to school and didn’t have the time to take it in and be without a computer. It has finally gotten to the point where the computer is unusable, and of course not within warranty.

    1. drx1 says:

      sometimes lemon laws take effect – depending on the state it was purchased in … or location is was purchased from. Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited.

  61. disqus_j3mSggPjJr says:

    same story another dead 2011 macbook and I’m not paying 1000USD for a piece of garbage thats going to die in a couple of months

  62. Chris egnoto says:

    I am watching the blue screen for hours now. I use my MacBook Pro (2011 model) to earn a living and it is dead. I have had it less than two years after replacing my last one after being told it was my only option when it did the SAME THING! I bought it from apple completely refurbed and I am so frustrated and quite frankly screwed now.

  63. roodi says:

    yep, i have a 13 inch macbook pro.. less than 2.5 years old and they have just told me it will cost over $1k to replace the logic board due to failed graphic card..?? obviously an issue with this model..

  64. Serge Ramirez says:

    I am a victim of Apple’s logic board failure (Early 2011 17″ Macbook Pro). Went to the “Genius” Bar 4 times, first time they said it was my hard drive, replaced it myself and still had same issues, second time they said it was my memory, replace memory and still had issues, third time they said it was software related, they kept it overnight reinstalled os and ran tests and said nothing is wrong. I installed my DJ software, restarted and crashed. 4th time they said it had to be taken to Depot. It’s been over a week and I still haven’t received it yet. I had a 2008 Macbook Pro which had the Logic board replaced 2 times and the battery replaced 3 times. THIS WILL BE MY LAST APPLE COMPUTER. All they are is HYPE. There is definitely a need for a class action suit.

  65. Per says:

    Yup, happened on Saturday. Can’t believe I have to pay $1.000 (here in Denmark everything is expensive) to repair a computer that cost $3.000 less than 3 years ago. Have a Dell Latitude from 2006 still running without any problem except the occasional battery change.

    I think I’ll dump the MBP and buy a new Dell for the price of the repair. Then I have a brand new laptop with a life expectancy of more than 2½ years. Windows 8.1 is not that bad, considering everything,

    Sad, Apple, sad.

    1. Eleanor Bliss says:

      I am an attorney, and have the same model and issues as everyone else. Given the ridiculous number of complaints on this defect,and apple’s consistently lackluster response (to put it mildly), I cannot believe a class action suit hasn’t been filed. I can only imagine that it’s due to Apple’s brand power and falsely deified line of products.

      1. drx1 says:

        multiple mobo failures over the short lifespan of the 2011 MBPro is crazy.

      2. Scott Doherty says:

        What can we do? I was told that in certain circumstances when Apple sees many problems to certain models or certain hardware Issues they will put out a fix to even the people that are out of warranty like me mine expired in May. But they have see that it is a bigger wide spread problem not just a isolated incident. Well these computers cost well over $2000 they should stand behind them if it’s a manufactures hardware issue, even if they have to go after the manufacture themselves.

  66. KerioCarsten says:

    I have experienced such graphical glitches (colored distortion and artifacts). Luckily, I have Apple Care and when I get my new MBP, the current one goes to the Apple Store for repair.

    I have an AMD 6490M in my early 2011 15 inch MBP.

  67. João Miguel says:

    Me and my work partner have the same Early 2011 Macbook Pro 15 with the AMD Radeon 6750M GPU and we both have the same GPU problems. This is clearly a problem that happen at manufacturing and Apple should have made a recall on all models. We already paid almost U$ 3000 on this computer and we should have to pay for them to fix their own mistake.

  68. Horacio says:

    Today my early 2011 MBP (Radeon 6750M / 1 Gb) suddenly stopped booting. It showed the gray Apple screen along with dark grey horizontal lines, then it showed another gray screen and that was all. At the same time the fans seemed to be working at top speed. Using boot camp as an alternate boot method, it showed the Windows loading screen with three huge vertical violet stripes and hanged there. Tried everything, SMC and PRAM reset, no luck. Then after rebooting many times somehow magically came back to life and booted normally, but then in OS X it suddenly freezed and rebooted again with a kernel panic, showing the gray lines again after that. Finally after another reboot it booted normally, and rebooted many times now and it seems to be working fine again. But I lost all my confidence in this machine, it is a time bomb! Please Apple do something!!!

  69. Geo Tavros says:

    Yes, my macbook pro late 2011 died after 1.7 years of service. My first mac. The repair will cost ~$900 and no guarantee it will last longer then 0.5 of year. So there is no point in repair. Throwing it in trash and never buy apple again is the best option

  70. Once again I am reading to find more/other solutions to the continuing problem with my Early 2011 15″ Macbook Pro. While I know that the logic board relacement seems to be the most common option, I have concerns that the fix is only tempory and that the problem re-occurs (there are so many who report problems with replacment boards as well). Recently I have been trying to research whether there is logicboard that suits the unibody yet does not have the integrated GPU?

    1. I can vouch changing the logic board does not fix the issue mine has been replaced 3 times within a two month period. They will not honor my warranty unless I drive 2 hours to a Apple Store rather than have them ship it to the depot which is the standard way to get a Macbook Pro fixed around here. I called the store and they are just going to send it to the depot, the same one in Memphis that they have sent it to the last 4 times, they are just making it tougher and my warranty runs out in 2 weeks. I am going to take it to the Apple Store, and they will probably replace the logic board but just as you have noted that is simply a very small patch on a very large problem.

      I do not think its the graphic cards alone, I think there are multiple issues given all issues that arise and in no particular order. The GPU is definitely an issue but is it the main issue or does the GPU go after other issues progress?

      When I received my Early 2011 15″ Macbook Pro brand new from the factory it had issues that they blamed on the OS which was one of the first that came off the line with Lion. I wanted it replaced just call it women’s intuition or long time geek radar however they insisted it was software issues.

      After reinstalling the OS several times it did not fix the issues and they did not replace the machine. I bought UUB hubs to work around a few issues like the firewire port didn’t work. The airport dropped off so I learned to just reconnect it, the big screen monitor would disconnected without any warning. It did not stop there the headphone/speaker jack would tune in a local FM channel when I plugged it into my sound board in my music studio and the machine got so hot I went through 3 industrial over sized laptop coolers that were extremely expensive but it did not seem to cool off the laptop much and being on high all the time the coolers would died after about 8 or 9 months of constant usage. I used the machine as a stationary unit rather than a laptop or any type of portability so the battery issues really did not bother me but the batter never fully charged and was always plugged in but the cable was always amber and never green. The numbers would go up and down like crazy 95% down to 30% back to 85% all without even touching the machine. While it has 8G of RAM it only shows 4G on boot up and drops to 1G or less within an hour even if I just let the machine sit.

      The wires were in fact melted inside the machine according to one of the repair sheets that was sent to me so ALL wiring and cables were replaced due to melted wiring. At the very same time both fans were replaced as neither fan was working either. It seems heat is a major factor of that there is no doubt. Its also been pretty much agreed upon the GPU having issues. My question is did any of you have any other issues you may have just blown off as a fluke, an annoyance that became more and more frequent, anything at all before the screen went haywire?

      I think there is far more to this than simply the GPU. My iMac has the exact same specs bought at the same time and I have no issues with it. I have performed tests side by side and the Macbook Pro would eventually lock up or shut off while the iMac was able to finish the task as well as allow me to have other apps open so I could multi task. The iMac has the same GPU’s as well.

      These machines are in music/photo studios so they are very well ventilated and very well taken care of, and given their placement the area is cold plus the addition of industrial coolers yet still the wires and cables are melted?

      There is more to this than the GPU and that is where the focus needs to be by listing any pre GPU issues that may have not really seemed to be an issue but rather an annoyance that went on without a second thought until it became a major issue with locking up, freezing, over heating, and putting the blame on GPU issues.

      1. Hi Kimmie and all,

        It’s been about 3 months now since I had the graphics chip replaced. In fact I’ve had it replaced twice now.

        Shortly after the first instance (about a month and some attempt to edit video) my laptop got very hot and crashed. Fortunately it was within the 90 day period they had given so they replaced the chip again.

        I notice occasionally when playing video the fans go into overdrive and I need to stop what I’m doing. The left side/corner gets real warm and I know it’s not good to have that much noise and heat going on.

        I am again using the gfx, and select indirect and not dynamic – in this way minimal control of which graphics card is being used.

        Still see this as a second life for the Macbook Pro 15″ and need to nurse it ti get more use over the long term.


  71. Robert says:

    Same hereee! This isn t a glitch, this is a rip off! it should be illegal! no more apple!

  72. Jory says:

    Same problem with my Early 2011 17″ MacBook Pro/ AMD Radeon HD 6750M/ Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB/ OS X 10.8.5 (12F45) / 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3/. (I posted this before). Problem comes and goes every second day or so. I sent a letter to tcook@apple.com. I got a kind call from a rep at “Executive Relations” in Ireland (I’m in Israel), and then a “Senior Technical Specialist” named William Wade. We both tried to figure out over the phone what’s wrong, for 2 hours (He was very patient.) He ruled out the software angle. At some point after using the “Disk Utility” app he concluded I had a Hard Disk (drive) problem, ’cause the app did show the Disk had some Corrupt spots. He suggested, (and was backed up by the rep too) that I take my Mac to a Mac savvy technician here in Israel, and see what HE says. All at my expense. I answered that I’ll do this, but under duress, because I realise from reading the posts on the Web that the H. Disk is probably NOT the problem, and even if the Disk Drive is corrupt, it may be unrelated, OR BECAUSE of more basic underlying Hardware defect – the one Apple does not acknowledge, and apparently (tell me I’m wrong… ) nobody really knows the source of. Even worse, the solutions offered by Apple such as changing the Logic board, does NOT fix the problem. And so – Even though I’m going to send my Macbook to the tech, I’ll be on the watch for any news regarding this Collossal Apple Flap and see what transpires. It seems that the right thing to do is file a Class Action Suit, and I’ll gladly join any action. If LATER Apple recants & assumes responsibilities, I will sue them in retrospect, even personally, for my expenses. I’m sending this letter to all other related forums I find (please list them here for all of us!) as well as to Apple.

    1. Jsmith says:

      Same model, same problem.

  73. Notsatisfied says:

    Horrible problem, MacBook Pros lasting 19 months….

  74. Joanna fytopoulou says:

    I have the EXACT same problem with the same model! Me warranty expired like 15 days ago and I don’t know what to do. From what I’ve seen there are many people who experience the same difficulties on the early-to-late 2011 Macbook Pro models. Shouldn’t Apple announce replacements?

  75. Brian says:

    Hi, I have the same issue. Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, it is fairly difficult to find a repair shop. I some ways I wish the laptop would fail completely. It works some of the time but not others. My machine is still under warranty and I will try to send it to an Apple dealer. Been on chat several times with Apple. I find I’m getting a bit of a run around.

  76. jac says:

    ive had the logic board replaced twice on my early 2011 mac pro, and recently had the battery and 4GB of ram replaced as well (thank you apple care) due to sporadic aqnd intermittent GPU failures.
    the problem is unresolved and back again for repair.
    pc is looking enticing now.

  77. Edgar Lima says:

    Ensenada, México – MBP Bought online January 2012..

    Same problem here. Macbook Pro late 2011, Failed to work last December. Fail to start, just shows white screen with fans on high and warming un rapidly. Temporal fixing by multiple restarts until GFX card status could be installed. Worked in native card for a few weeks, then just freeze and refused to restart.

    My first and last Apple laptop, this fine and expensive piece of hardware has been treated with extreme care since new, not even a scratch on it, no sun, falls, dust or spills on it ever, but now is dead,useless…

    I have an 1999 Toshiba Satellite Laptop which works slow, but still perfectly. :/

  78. mb says:

    Hi, I’ve experienced more or less all the problems mentioned in your article. I hope Apple will address this problem soon, if not I feel this will be very damaging for Apple (but do they care). As people have mentioned this is an expensive “Pro” computer. Mine has been at a repair shop for two weeks. I need my laptop to do my job. I would not like to break my long time relationship with Apple, but I have lost confidence in their products and service, which used to be the best.

  79. Bill says:

    I hope Apple reads these posts. I have a Macbook Pro 15″ that is less than 3 years old and it has the video problem. WHAT A RIP OFF!!! I could have bought 3 HP’s or 2 Dells for the price of this P.O.S. I will advise my family and friends to STAY AWAY FROM Apple!!

  80. dene22 says:

    Been having this problem for about 3 weeks or so with my early 2011 Macbook Pro. I paid around £3000 for the maximum spec machine with SSD. It’s been having graphical glitches and now it wont boot up. Have tried the OPTION+CMD+P+R reset procedure which helped for a couple days but now it wont boot up again. Laptops shouldn’t fail after 3 years.

  81. brewin says:

    Same problem
    MacBook Pro 15 2GHz early 2011
    AMD Radeon HD 6490M

    Severe screen distortion after a few minutes, cleared on reboot. Two days later boots to gray screen after apple logo appears. Bricked.

    2 yrs 8 mths of use

    Posted to apple’s feedback page

    1. Apple patrols their forums and deletes, edits, and bans users at their own will. I have everything sent to my email not just the link the entire post comes in my email so I have a folder that has 100’s of posts in it.

      They modified several of my posts as well as deleted them as being, “Not A Productive Post” meaning I was telling it like it is like everyone else is doing but this was in the beginning before so many have posted. They still do delete posts however they are more likely to edit it at this point. However they DID delete a post I read last night and I was going to comment on the post and it said I was banned. I thought well hmmm so I went in through another post that I had in my folder and I got in and was able to scroll to that post and it said you can not reply, there is a old saved version of the post would you like to restore it? I typed yes and the post came back. I am not really sure what they actually did but I think the post had been deleted and somehow, some way, going in through an old post link is a back door to reviving posts that have been deleted.

      The point is basically this, just because you post it on anything Apple runs does not mean it will remain there or remain there the way you wrote it. I now have 2 early 2011 Mac’s with this issue one is a 15″ Macbook Pro and the other is a iMac with the same specs bought at the same time. Apple still refuses to acknowledge it, they do not even respond for my Apple Care. I’ve lost business, time, money and clients. What I have lost is a lot to me however to Apple it isn’t even a fraction of a fraction of what they have made on these defective, and known defective before they went out, machines. We made them rich and they have for many of us destroyed our businesses. I will never buy anything Apple again! Heck I don’t think I can even buy anything white no matter what it is for a very long time.

  82. frankchicago says:

    My MBP with Radeon 6490M has been acting up for about 6 months now. It first happened around mid Sept 2013 & didn’t reoccur until a few weeks later. As time has passed it became more and more frequent. I can barely be on it for 10 min & the screen either splits/distorts, turns gray, blue & sometimes it has just shut down (recently more often). I have boiled down my search to this thread. It seems like when it heats up a bit it somehow affects the graphics card (my guess). Anyone know if this fixable (beside the $500 logic board being replaced)? & like many here my Applecare ran out a long time ago. What to do? Please help!!

  83. Capt Mohan Rawat says:

    I have this issue…nothing is working

  84. Glad I found this post. Having exactly the same problem. Early 2011 MBP with 8GB RAM with the hi-res display. Split and distorted screen, and now the machine freezing, screen going black (but not actually shutting down as reported below). Running Apple Hardware Test (AHT) now. I also think it’s more than just the GPU – as I suspect one of my RAM modules is also faulty. The machine is running better with just 4GB (on what I think is the good module). The first extended Apple Hardware Test (AHT) failed with a split and distorted screen. I have three months left in my extended AppleCare plan and so will take it in – although from what others have reported – it doesn’t sound like I’m guaranteed a fix. I’ve used this machine for a total 2yrs 8mths which for a 3,000 USD machine is poor value to say the least. Writing this post on my 6 year old Lenovo ThinkPad T61p. 😉

  85. Scott Tranchitella says:

    My early 2011 17″ macjunk pro has had dead USB ports for at least one year. Apple doesn’t care at all. So i was using my express/34 port w usb card and guess what… the express port has also died. Someone needs to start a class action and we should all get new laptops AND $$ for time lost

  86. Jon says:

    My MBP early 2011 has the AMD Radeon 6490 and first experienced the problems in March 2014, 3 years after I bought it. I now can throw it away as it has become Apple TRASH!

  87. Faryaz Ch says:

    Same Problem with me.

    My system is a Windows 8 x64 Pro with Boot Camp 5.1 running on a 2011 17 Macbook Pro. I’m experiencing Windows crashes and distorted screen images with artifacts almost every time I start programs that require heavy video-processing (e.g.: games). The problem also happens, even if rarely, at random without doing anything particular.

  88. lanoormohamed says:

    Hi, Mine has had the same issue and have had the logic board failed twice in the last three months!

    1. Thilak Rao says:

      Second logic board failure in less than 40 days. Want to know, if your machine is running fine.

      1. lanoormohamed says:

        yeah its working fine for now. if it fails one more time I will have to complain and request my money back under the sales of goods act hopefully that will work.

        1. Thilak Rao says:

          I’m contemplating selling my Macbook Pro and upgrading to rMBP. My Apple Care will last for 3 more months, I don’t want another fried logic board.

          1. lanoormohamed says:

            That’s a good idea, mine expires on the 5th of may. I’d be pretty annoyed if it failed again. it failed both times when my thesis deadline was around the corner I wont be buying another mac any time soon. good thing we are sorta covered in the UK we can claim our money back if they are not “fit for use” under UK sales law I think thats how it works. i’ll need to read up on it. yeah the rMBP are really nice

          2. Thilak Rao says:

            Yeah, I remember reading somewhere that Apple Care is pointless if you are UK. You are covered with or without it.

          3. There are 1 or 2 states here in the USA that also covers under certain situations whether you have Apple Care or not. I believe California is one. I believe it is some variation of what the UK has, it is not as straight up plain English (no pun intended) as what they have in the UK but they do have extra coverage over the rest of the US. Many states also have listed in Apple Care that if your machine was in the shop, depot, Apple Store, otherwise not in your hands due to mechanical failures then all that time has to be added to the end date of the Apple Care. With that said they stopped honoring my Apple Care so adding several months to something they are not honoring is quite useless eh?

            Given I am in the music industry and not the mainstream music but rather Hard Rock, Metal, Prog all the great musicians in those genre’s are outside the US so most of my contacts are also outside the US and many are in the UK.

            OF course the people in the USA “THINK” the USA is the leader in music when in fact we are behind, Europe is truly the leaders in music and innovative musical trends but try telling that to an American musician much less simply an American citizen.

            ANYWAY glad for all of you over there in the UK that Apple is forced to be a stand up company.

  89. Elimar Ugueto says:

    Having same problem Mac early 2011 – pink horizontal lines when starting up then it goes white

  90. Aiwey says:

    Same model, same problem.

  91. rick says:

    Same problem here. My MBP Early 2011 died last September after a few months of weird glitches which, at that time, I was not able to diagnose. Apple, failing to deal with this issue is bringing you down…!

  92. Adit says:

    Same here.. Same problem.. frankly quite dissapointed and knowing apple i bet the repair cost wouldnt be cheap at all. It happened while i was watching a 1080p movie then all of a sudden lappy froze, and when it rebooted everything went blue and couldnt get in to OS anymore.

  93. blazz says:

    MacBook Pro 15 2GHz early 2011
    AMD Radeon HD 6490M

    this happens when i close the cover and it goes to sleep
    unable wake my MBP back up
    so i reboot my mac and the apple screen has a pink tint to it and is pixelated
    after the spinning wheel then it goes blank, fans and optical drive are still running
    first time i try to boot from Recovery (command-R ), no luck

    so boot from the install DVD and verify permissions and disk repair
    disk is ok
    every time when i fix permissions in disk utility i get this
    Permissions differ on “private/var/db/GPURestartReporter”; should be drwxr-xr-x ; they are drwxrwx—

    also if unable to boot from DVD i had to use other startup combination keys
    like, safe boot, recovery and even Apple hardware test! for some reason it toke me directly to my login screen, weird!!!
    in verbose mode the screen was red with white font

    when my boot option failed i saw the Mac Blue Screen of Death or the Grey Screen of Death !! SCARY!!!! when your apple care expired!!!

    so far i did not experienced screen issues when MBP is awake

    AND thank god i was able to login and BACKUP my mac !!

    i was thinking my hard drive was failing, because of age. that i could have fix myself for cheap!!! but logic board fix $$$$ !!!! and not guaranteed to work

    1. Elimar Ugueto says:

      Same exact symptoms & problem right here!

  94. Jhay-ar says:

    Same issue here.

    Macbook Pro Early 2011
    2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

    16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    512 Samsung SSD Pro Series
    1GB AMD Radeon HD 6750M

  95. NB says:

    I get a blue screen sometimes when I’m using Safari. I’ve taken it to the Apple Store, and after running diagnostics, they’ve not found any problems. I have a 2011 MacBook Pro, Radeon 6490M.

  96. doc says:


    This is the third time its happening. early 2011 MBP with an external monitor. logic board has been replaced 2x under apple care. but now apple care is expired. I was told by genius at genius land that for a flat $350 charge after warranty they will fix anything, and I asked anything and they confirmed after my repeated asking of that question.
    Anyhow its happening again, and Its a major drag because its rate of recurrance is getting shorter.

    1. Thilak Rao says:

      I own an Early 2011 MacBook Pro. I replaced my logic board under Apple Care on March 17th 2014, and yesterday that died again..

      Less than 40 days after installing the new logic board, the component has failed again. I’ll be out of Apple Care in a month or so. Should I sell this MPB and upgrade while it still works?

  97. r player says:

    early 2011 macbook pro is now a paper weight as of saturday 26/04/14. Did a hardware test no problems found. Turn on laptop screen freezes. GPU is screwed due to rubbish workmanship. Apple should replace this known problem. We are not asking for new computers just to replace the known fault. It will only get worse for apple as users will feel cheated and think twice about buying a product with short life span and how your treated.

    1. The problem is it will take replacing the machine that is why Apple is not doing anything about it. Most people like myself while still under warranty had the logic board as well as many other components replaced only to have the very same issues reappear shortly after, and replaced several times over.

      If you look at the models in question compared to the new models it is evident why the models in question are having the issues and the newer models lack most of the features the models in question have.

      Simply put Apple bit off more than they could when making so called “portables” which simply means a workstation that COULD be on the go if it had to. They locked all the high tech high heat components into a body that could not cool itself even with an industrial cooling unit such as I had. Therefore the GPU is the least of the problems, it is taking out the everything in the unit from heat issues. If they replace with the very same parts then the very same issues will come to light.

      The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. –Albert Einstein

      Maybe Apple hired a medium and Jobs gave them the above tidbit of insight which is why they are not replacing the parts unless some poor unknowing sap slaps down the outrageous price only to have the same thing happen again in a few short months. Upon further investigation finding this site and beating themselves up for slapping down the money instead of slapping down Apple’s incompetence.

  98. zz says:

    I’m here to find a solution to my blank screen MBP Pro 15 early 2011 running Maverick. The fan is running high upon rebooting and only blank white screen is displayed. Tried all kind of resetting with no luck. Hoping there’s a solution here but all I found are Apple bashing. What else can I say. They deserved to be bashed.

  99. potny says:

    I have a early-2011 MacBook Pro equipped with a Radeon 6490M and mine just started.

  100. newsprint says:

    My laptop has been doing the same thing for about a month – I have just replaced the apple supplied 500gb SSD with a normal drive and touch wood no crashes or lockups for two days. I had given up on the laptop so removed the ssd and put it in a usb caddy and used a mac mini for a week booting from the usb. It was only when it also crashed with the same problems I used time machine to move everything to a standard drive

  101. Jory says:

    Early 2011 17″ MacBook Pro/ AMD Radeon HD 6750M/ Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB/ OS X 10.8.5 (12F45) / 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3/. My MacBook suffers from the SAME PROBLEM that hundreds, if not thousands of similar Early 2011 MacBooks suffer from. The internet is FULL of this info!!! Apple does not acknowledge, and apparently (tell me I’m wrong… ) nobody really knows the source of this chronic problem. Even worse, the solutions offered by Apple such as changing the Logic board (WHICH I HAVE DONE TWICE!) , does NOT fix the problem. My warrenty ends in August! And then what? Is this 14,500 Israeli Shekels (4.100$) machine good for only 2.5 years?! Apple should SOLVE the owners problem, even if it means PROVIDING US WITH A NEW MACBOOK! I’ll be on the watch for any news regarding this Collossal Apple Flap and see what transpires. It seems that the right thing to do is file a Class Action Suit, and I’ll gladly join any action. If LATER Apple recants & assumes responsibilities, I will sue them in retrospect, even personally, for my expenses. I’m disgusted.

  102. kylie says:

    it just frozen again for the 3rd time of today in the morning at 11!!!! i feel like an idiot and do not understand why people still worship apple???

  103. NewsReader says:

    Just started observing same problem with my Macbook Pro 15 inch early 2011

  104. ozan says:

    I started having this problem in my early 2011 Macbook Pro with AMD 6750M graphic card. It just started after 3 years with no such issue. My 3 year extended warranty got expired on this May so it is a little bit curious on the timing.

  105. redpill says:

    in my opinion, Apple’s numerous failures led to this very bad situation regarding most / all 2011 macbook pro’s.

    1. Apple failed us by incorporating a bad AMD chip and/or connection at the logic board.

    2. Apple failed us a 2nd time by not owning up to their first failure and offering a cure at their expense.

    3. Apple really failed us a 3rd time by not forcing the video control back
    to the integrated Intel chip at every reboot. This 3rd failure by
    Apple is FAR worse than failures 1 or 2 as this is the failure that
    renders most mbp’s useless.

    4. Apple failed us a 4th time by not even bothering to diagnose and address their 3rd failure.

    5. Apple failed many of us yet a 5th time by suggesting many of us have our
    mbp’s repaired at a cost to us of $150 – $700+ USD only to have the same
    failures 1 through 4 to continue to persist.

    But since Apple fails to engage in any responsible way, it’s all just a SWAG.

    Boy Scouts good, Apple very bad.

  106. disqus_KA9qYlDVdI says:

    I have the same problem with my MBP 15″ early 2011 with the AMD Radeon HD 6490M and I am outside Apple Care. This is the 1st Mac I have had a major problem like this and I have had a mac since 1983. I am VERY disappointed in apple. I’m in the middle of a volunteer project that I cannot complete without my laptop.

  107. disqus_KA9qYlDVdI says:

    Steve Jobs I hope you are turning over in your grave listening to these posts of loyal Apple consumers. This is an Apple problem. I have babied my laptop & this is real bullshit to have happening to so many of us because of an Apple DEFECT. SOLVE THIS F-ING PROBLEM APPLE NOW BY MAKING THIS RIGHT BY ALL OF US.

  108. FS says:

    Same here, Pink anomalies all over the place, but just on laptops screen , not on a secondary ( Thunderbold) display

  109. Alan Davidson says:

    Same shit, took to the Apple Store in Freehold NEW Jersey and paid 310 USD for a fix because my son had to go back to college in 2 weeks.

    1. drx1 says:

      2011 Mac Book Pro “support group”
      If you have gone through regular channels to have your issue resolved and it was not resolved – OR you have no good options – the following may help.
      Email this person – at Apple:
      found on here –
      (the site is a bit convoluted) … from the site:

      “>> Will I Get a Reply from Tim Cook?
      Typically, you will not get a reply from Tim Cook himself. It is, of course, not entirely unreported either.

      >>Will My Email to Tim Cook Be Read?
      Your email will be read. The first to see it will most likely be a person at Cook’s office, however, and not Tim Cook himself.
      Important emails may be forwarded to him personally.”

  110. J De Lima says:

    same here. monitor started to malfunction about three weeks ago. the macbook pro is only 3 years since purchase. is this built in obsolecense to force mac users to purchase new hardware?! this is unacceptable. my old imac,1981 build has its monitor still properly functioning. apple should review its hardware warranty policy and not be too greedy to sell. when i was using toshiba comuters, hardware relacements were free for up to 5 years.

  111. Eugene says:

    Just happened to my MBP 17 late 2011 🙁 Now I can boot up or use it only with the external monitor unplugged.

  112. I do not know how many of you have gotten anywhere with Apple or just plain have written them off completely. Personally I got rid of my iPhone for a HTC One (M8) 2014 and don’t miss the iPhone at all.

    The Macbook Pro in question is sitting in a corner and the iMac same configuration purchased at the same time as the Macbook Pro I have been using since the Macbook Pro died has now also died the very same death. Most likely because it has the same parts in it.

    Apple refused to repair or replace even with both machine’s under Apple Care Warranty so I have collected a lot of material off of the forums as well as Apple insiders and plan on using my press credentials and expose this entire mess Apple has created. I am in talks with attorneys to begin class action suits.

    In the mean time, and I never thought I’d ever buy a Windows machine but when push comes to shove I had to do something. After much research, testing and a lot of trial and error I found that Lenovo’s W540 is actually better than the Macbook Pro, its Windows which is a downfall but that machine and equipment is solid. No heating issues at all and it handles all the music and photography apps I use. It is not cheap its very pricy like the Macbook Pro but the hardware is a brick and solid, the OS well its Windows and I am partial to Unix, which is what Mac’s are built on (BSD Unix) which is stable, any *nix system is stable and as secure as the person administration it.

    If you don’t want to throw away money buying another Apple product which does not even have the same features as the early 2011 Macbook Pro’s had then go with the Lenovo it has all the features plus some additional features as they are meant for heavy computational, GPU and CPU intensive apps. Their target is Engineers so it is your best bet at this point as far as I could determine.

    As for Apple… I will not even eat Apple Sauce I am so aggravated for the way they have handled or I should say not handled their faulty parts. The reason the later 2011 and later Macbook Pro’s do not have the same issues is because they changed the configuration on the GPU and CPU. The newer machines no longer have optical drives, very few ports, not much of a draw far as I am concerned but it stopped the overheating issues. Their so called “Portable Workstations” were nothing more than “Portable Paperweights”. Apple knows there is an issue and knew it not long after they pumped them out which is why they change the GPU the later 2011 models.

  113. Dan says:

    It is exactly what happened to me not long after my warrantee expired. I can’t afford the repairs, so now I am a graduate student without a laptop. I’m very disappointed with apple now and won’t be buying another one unless they fix it.

  114. Andrew says:

    I have early 2011 macbook pro 17 and my screen has glithes and spliting screen

  115. Scott Doherty says:

    yes just happened today everything was working fine then I did a software update and a reboot and now all I get is a black screen

  116. Hello Everyone! I have been battling this now for exactly one solid year. Those of you that have followed my posts here and on the Apple forums (Most have been removed on the Apple Forum) know that this issue goes much deeper than the GPU and screen images.

    I purchased a special order early 2011 Macbook Pro and a iMac with the same configuration at the same time. The Macbook Pro was DOA and because it was a replacement for a early 2011 Macbook Pro I purchased one week prior that was also DOA Apple refused to replace the machine immediately as they had become over run with so many DOA’s of that model, they even ran out of parts to replace the defective parts. Replacing defective parts with the same defective parts certainly did not help the crisis. Of course I did everything except stand on my head naked to get them to realize if two of the same machine’s with the same faulty parts were both DOA then there was an issue. I always buy Apple Care for Mac’s and whatever warranty is available for any product I purchase.

    After working around the issues for nearly 3 years which cost me a fortune Apple replaced the logic board 3 times within a 3 month period between August 2013 and November 2013, as well as the airport twice, all cables and wiring 3 times (due to visible heat damage to the cables and wiring), the optical drive 4 times, basically everything except the RAM was replaced. Yet the issues remained. Apple had me jump through every hoop possible and most were unreasonable but I did it anyway.

    The OS was reinstalled more times than I care to remember. When I say it was reinstalled I mean it was formatted as was the external Time Machine drive and the OS reinstalled and all software was installed piece by piece as if it were a new machine. Still the problems remained. The Macbook Pro has been out of commission completely and unusable since August 2013. Not only was the screen having issues but the USB ports did not have power, the Firewire port did not work the thunderbolt port kept dropping its connection to the big screen monitor, the airport dropped its connection to the network on a regular basis, the machine would reboot itself at random, it was running so slow I would type a paragraph then have to wait 10 – 15 minutes for the letters to show up on screen. The heating issues were astronomical running over 120F on boot up and the boot up process took long enough for me to walk my dog and come back home and it still was not at the login screen. Keep in mind both my machines were under Apple Care at the time.

    I emailed Tim Cook and one of his assistants called me and told me the machine would not be replaced for the same reason it was not replaced when it was DOA because it was a replacement for a machine I purchased two weeks prior that was DOA with the same faulty issues. Given it was the same make, model, year and configuration it was clearly a defective issue in the build of these particular machines. I was told to take it to an Apple Store given the mail in depot did not fix the issue even after replacing the parts. I do not live close to an Apple store so I called the Apple store and explained the situation and they said it was the logic board that required replaced and possibly other parts that were damaged due to the faulty logic board. It was something they would have to send to the depot, the very same depot the machine had been sent to during that 3 month time frame. I did not have time to play games and jump through hoops as these are business machines.

    After some searching on the net I found this was a wide spread issue that Apple still has not addressed or even accepted that an issue exists despite all the complaints globally with identical problems. The machines were still at this point under Apple Care and since I refused to take the machines to the Apple Store, because I do not live close and by talking to the store and being told they would send it to the depot, the same depot and white glove service it had undergone, Apple decided not to honor my Apple Care any longer.

    There is 8G of RAM in both machines plus the additional 1G video RAM on the second card. Yet upon boot up with nothing running at boot up it shows only 1G or less of RAM. The Macbook Pro had been unusable but I was able to use the iMac until about 2 months ago when it too began to shut itself off, over heat, blue screen, video issues, show less than a GIG of RAM on bootup, an so on.

    I have found a Windows replacement in the Lenovo W540 however I will not lie the OS X operating system is far superior to Windows operating system however I can not run a business on defective machines nor can I justify paying the outrageous price tag for a Mac when they do not even stand behind their own workmanship and parts. I will miss the Mac’s, the craftsmanship and quality they once stood for and on which I was gladly happy to pay for in a superior product however that is no longer the case with any Apple product these days. It seems as if most if not all Apple products are trailing behind all other manufacturers in the tablet, phone and computer race to the first place position.

    Many have written about several different ways of trying to fix the problem with the GPU and heating issues however after only a few short months they are plagued with not only the same issue but also the issues that were caused by the original issue that damaged so many internal parts that the machines are not much more than very expensive paper weights and Apple has no comment.

  117. Neen says:

    Someone explain this to me if they can…I have a 13″ MBP, early 2011…it does all kinds of ridiculous shit. First the glass started to come off…ok fine…then it decided to start restarting itself…then that stopped on its own. Then it randomly shuts itself off. Sometimes it will be good for months and then sometimes it will do it every other day…when you turn it back on it won’t even finish loading before it shuts off again. Then it will finally turn back on all the way the second time you do it. Now for the good one, as I don’t have the same GPU as those with the 15″ and 17″ MBP….it is now doing some crazy shit on the screen where it looks like it totally scrambles the screen (think old school Nintendo games going crazy on the tv) for about 5-15 seconds at a time, then goes back to normal. I don’t know where else to go with this as the apple forums just do nothing for me, the closest apple store is too far away for me to get to and the “certified dealers” around here are complete idiots. If this had been my first Mac purchase, I’d be thru for sure but I have a Titanium Powerbook from 2006 that still kicks ass (except for crappy wifi connection) minus the broken disc drive… hell I have 2004 Mac towers for goodness sake…How is it the first one like this I get is turning out to be crap after I have babied the hell out of it…any advice welcome!

  118. Baldr1 says:

    Same at me. MBP early 2011. Discrete GPU Totals damaged , Even gfxCardStatus does not help anymore. I wonder why I have paid a Ferrari , and got waste At the end. And Apple don’t say anything

  119. Rolo says:

    Same problem. I had to change the logic board around two years ago, and the problem is now starting again. This is really annoying, and is making me go back to Linux PC for my next machine.

    1. I am in process of moving everything to PC (Windows 8.1) I use Linux for servers but Linux can not do what I need it to do for my businesses. I dislike Windows and never thought I’d own one but I have to do what I have to do to keep my business running.

      I’ve been on computers since the 80’s with a short time on Windows and UNIX systems then adding Linux soon as Linus put it out there. I worked that way without the GUI for years then finally put the GUI on it and when I was just doing programming and network administration that was fine but when I went back into the music business I had to move to a Mac or Windows based machine and Mac was the best choice for stability, AT THAT TIME.

      These days buying an Apple product is simply paying a high price for a brand name which is in the toilet. I can not believe how bad Apple products and customer service has become and I for one will not pay one cent for the hassle, lies, bad, defective equipment and lousy customer service. Steve Jobs isn’t coming back to save the company this time.

      I suggest those that require a real work horse / portable work station that you look into Lenovo’s W540. Disregard the bad reviews they are all related to the fact Lenovo changed the keyboard layout by adding a number pad which made the trackpad off center for the machine but it is centered under the keyboard. The machine is targeted at Engineer’s and given I am also an Engineer I know how picky/anal some Engineers can be and the thought of change does not come easy to Engineers. If you read all the reviews on the sites around the net you will see that is the reason for the 3 star average, it also notes in the reviews that if they removed the number pad it would be a 5 star product. I bought two and given I use them in clam shell mode with an external keyboard, with a number pad, and mouse so the entire new layout on the laptop is moot for me as long as the machine is solid and it is. Additionally you can purchase up to a 5 year warranty which includes on site repairs as well as drops spills and accidents for the price of Apple Care on a Macbook Pro for 3 years which does not have the same perks.

      As for the bad reviews, I am sure a good share of you are Slashdot readers and have seen this week where in California, and possibly other states, making it illegal for companies to remove the reviews they do not like or puts their product in a bad light. The companies will be charged $2500 per removal of bad reviews on products that alert perspective customers to what they are getting. Given Apple is in California… 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014… Maybe they can hire people to improve their product rather than pay people to delete reviews/comments that alert perspective customers of defective, problematic and poor customer service.

      Apple STILL denies there is any issue with these machines and has made no move towards admitting the machines are severely defective. Replacing the parts is not a fix because replacing defective parts with defective parts equals the same defective issues. The machines need to be replaced.

  120. mactekus says:

    Just started all of a sudden. During a photoshop save screen went black, but still backlit. Hard shutdown. Restart. Pixelated apple logo. Eventually screen with black and blue vertical lines. Had trouble booting from external drive. Changing RAM and zapping PRAM had no effect. Finally booted from external drive and ran Disk Verify… no problems… then thick blue vertical lines. Next day, unable to boot, then was finally able to boot again from external. Ran Disk Repair. Restart. Was able to boot from internal for first time. Performed Backup!!! Opening programs is really slow.

    I tend to not believe it is a hard drive issue as Disk Utility never found a problem. Also, I would not have had trouble booting from an external if that was the case. Ram is not the issue, so logic board seems to be the culprit. I purchased the 3-year applecare, but that is now expired. I’m going to kick my dog now. Just kidding, I don’t have a dog. Maybe I can find a cat somewhere.

  121. Matthew Drake says:

    So, it looks like I have the same problem as everyone else on here, but I’ve yet to find out if there is an easy way to fix the problem without losing any of my files.
    I’m aware that there will probably be a charge as the MBP is out of warranty, but is it worth taking it to my local Apple store in the hope someone there will actually know what they are talking about?
    Any help here would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  122. Chris says:

    Apple knew exactly what was that there was a flaw in their product, and they just expect us to pay more for it.. Apple been going that way for a while now…
    Nothing is compatible with their products year after year…
    They call it pushing the consummation … others call it a rape..
    We should start a fund sourcing or kickstarter.. to bring apple to court and sue them..

    1. This would be a great class action case and a few class action suits have been out there since 2011. Apple appears to be above the law as they forced the attorneys to remove all content written by the attorneys as well as victims of the flawed machines. There has been no progress from the class action suit as far as I know. My machines were both DOA on arrival, there was no problem in getting the first one replaced and when the replacement came it too was flawed and I was told someone would contact me to setup another replacement. After waiting a week without any word from Apple I called back and was told they decided not to replace and I am sure by this time they knew of the issues and had replaced several machines only to have the second machines to also be defective. At that point they decided to take the Microsoft tech support way of thinking, reinstall the OS, reset the PRAM and other settings, run diagnostics, etc then finally send it to the depot or take to the Genius Bar which resulted in nothing but denial even if 20 people were standing there all with 15″ Early 2011 Macbook Pro’s with the same issues those at the bar said there is no problem, and they did it with a straight face!

      Any attorney will the hoopla could make one hell of a lot of money if they took on the case and REALLY moved forward with it. There is plenty of information and victims out there now that would give more than enough weight to take this all the way. They need to push for total replacement with a different model because any replacement of the same model or replacement of parts does not fix the issue as the machines are lemons as are the parts so replacing defective parts with defective parts give you one thing, a defective machine that will not last.

      I do not think any of us are asking too much, all we want is a working machine so we can continue with the work, school or whatever purpose the machine was purchased. I have not heard anyone ask for damages, which what Apple has put us through we deserve damages. All we really want though is a working machine that is not a $3500 paper weight that had less than a 2 year life span.

      Tim Cook made a major statement about our privacy and how much it means to Apple to safe guard our privacy. I am so sick of everyone talking about the privacy and anyone that buys into it is an idiot. I want to see Tim Cook make a statement about these flawed machines and own up to it and make things right. The new iPhone 6 came out and is less than what most people other than die hard Apple fans expected keeping the HTC ONE (M8) 2014 still the #1 phone for 2014, Samsung as #2 and LG3 as #3 the last time I checked. I have read review after review and ALL of them came to the same conclusion, Apple has a long way to go to trump and compete with several other smart phones on the market.

      Any attorneys out there will the ballz to take on Apple?

  123. Chris says:

    Let’s start a crowd funding to Sue Apple about it..

  124. Bill S. says:

    My MacBook Pro 15″ recently started to switch between graphics cards at will. Impossible to do any photo work. When I turn off automatic switching in the Energy Saver AND lock that no changes be made, it turns off my lock and changes GPUs again spontaneously.

  125. M&M Mom says:

    Just had to replace 2010 MBP 15″ hard drive, didn’t fix it, so they replaced the logic board. $500 later still doesn’t work. so frustrated!!

  126. Dorian says:

    son-of-a… My Late-2011 MBP just started this yesterday. Every time I need something requiring even the lightest of graphics, even simple games through safari, the screen splits into a useless mess and starts geeking out. Not even gonna talk about bootcamping into Windows… My AppleCare is done, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had an issue like this. I’m screwed….

  127. Henry Chong says:

    This is 3rd night i trying to search a solution to fix this, screw Apple!

  128. Robert says:

    I have the same problem. Went to the genius bar twice and they replace the logic board twice. Still the logic board fails after 3 weeks tops. The third time they just replace the whole laptop.

  129. no says:

    Yesterday.. it started to happen yesterday after 3 years of light use. What a waste of money. I have 6 2006 hp laptops, 10 2010 dell laptops at work and they all work fine and they cost under $1,000 each. No protection plan and they all work fine. Now we are using for another purpose 38 IBM 2014 laptops at $600 each with a 3 year hardware replacement plan. So far no DOAs. That apple laptop was my first time buying an apple and if apple does not do something soon we will all spread the word through social networks. You don’t use cheap parts if you are going to charge triple for a laptop.

  130. Bob Chip says:

    Yep. Same problem. It gets REALLY hot. Like, the macbook would burn me if I had it on my lap.

  131. Konstantin Ignatyev says:

    Just died yesterday, blue screen with vertical black stripes. When tried to boot from external linux screen works fine when in text mode, but dies when L tries to start graphical UI

  132. CLB says:

    I started having the problem for the past few months. My screen will just go black but the computer is still running. The only solution has been to perform a hard shutdown. There is no predictability when it will happen. It is very annoying. The system gets extremely hot before it occurs is the primary indicator. I have sent the computer back multiple times for what seemed like overheating and each time the apple people would say it was normal. I run the hardware tests as soon as it happens and it is very hot and it always comes back with no problems found. Very frustrating. I ended up getting a new computer that was not a mac because of this but would like to find a solution. It seems like Apple should make this right with so many complaints. Similar the battery issue I just got fixed under a replacement program for my iPhone 5.

  133. Landford Gentry says:

    I have used my 2011 MacBook Pro with the AMD Radeon 6750M chip heavily for around 3 years. Everything is fine including the battery, but recently I have fine vertical red lines when the Apple logo shows at boot. This then results in a dead grey screen and spinning up of the fans. I can boot to unix and perform a fsck -fy I continuing until the message: HD appears to be OK. I reboot and normally boot to the login screen with a quick flash of blocky video on the way. I can then use the machine completely normally. Youtube, Mail, Preview, Office etc. I thought it must be system corruption but hardware failure? No!!!…

  134. charley says:

    We bought 3 mac book pros two are now paper weights – the third had the expensive logic board replacement but started having problems after the warranty on the replacement part expired. The Apple store employees deny there is any major issue issue and were very condescending. The best fix for us was to not buy apple products anymore.

    1. That is exactly what I did. I will not lie there are things I miss about the Mac OS however I’ll get over it knowing I didn’t pay $3500 for a paperweight.

      I have no idea why the attorneys have not jumped on this like flies on SH!@ as a major class action suit. I have saved emails from so many different forums, all different people, all around the world, same exact issues and Apple is sweeping it under the rug. Where is Erin Brockovich when needed? It will take a pitbull to take Apple down, well I think they will sink themselves as their products have steadily gone downhill since Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace, is no longer around to breathe life back into the company. In his absence from the company last time the company was nearly bankrupt and he rebuilt the empire. Let’s face it there is only one Steve Jobs, good, bad or ugly, he was a genius.

      I think Apple denying to honor my “Apple DOES NOT Care” warranty was one of the most downlow thing a company could do. I own two companies and if I pulled something like that I wouldn’t have very many customers. Refuting there is an issue is laughable given at one point right before they stopped honoring my warranty they had so many early 2011 Macbook Pro’s in the shop to be fixed they ran out of parts, I would think that would be a huge clue something is wrong.

      I have said it a million times replacing defective parts with yet new but still the same defective parts is not going to fix the issue. The entire machine needs to be replaced with a different model period, end of story that is the only fix.

  135. ideama says:

    today, my Macbook pro suddenly flashed and then turned off. After turning it on, the screen was slightly pink and apple logo appeared. However, from there it went back to blank grey screen and stayed grey. I connected an external monitor hoping that it is a LDVS cable issue or back light cable issue, but the external monitor showed some distorted vertical lines. Yes logic board was gone. I got it from Apple store back in 2012 as a refurb computer, and it is my second Macbook pro which dies of logic board issue. Both of which has faulty graphic card issue. I am so tired of Apple making crappy laptop computer. I sitll love Macs so I will only buy desktop Mac from now on.

  136. AJ says:

    I own an Early 2011 15″ Macbook Pro and experiencing similar Video problems. No solution yet!

    Model: MacBookPro8,2, BootROM MBP81.0047.B27, 4 processors, Intel Core i7, 2 GHz, 4 GB, SMC 1.69f4
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Built-In, 384 MB
    Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6490M, AMD Radeon HD 6490M, PCIe, 256 MB

  137. Tim Halle says:

    I am now a victim of this.
    Is there any work around ?

  138. Andrew says:

    Me Too just found this thread mine is a 15″ MCP8.2 EARLY 2011, Intel Core 17 2.3GHz with 8 GB memory fitted with the Chipset Model: AMD Radeon HD 6750M. Apple changed out the logic board at a cost of Au$ 10.00 but I got a bonus they damaged the wires to the clamshell camera so I got a new lid clamshell and camera and screen all for free. So what’s to say the same thing will not happen again?
    Apple stuff is going off they don’t have the same quality since Steve Jobs ascended.
    I had a new mac air with the grey screen of death 10 days old whilst overseas in China. Their then freshly opened store in Beijing swapped it out on the spot. Same thing motherboard.
    I think their massive profitability is their no1 not their quality anymore

  139. Andrew says:

    Sorry that cost was Au$ 710.00

  140. fede312 says:

    Another victim of the MBP2011 scam. I paid 2, 600 for a machine that only lasted 2 years. Bougth it on march 2011. On October 20 2013, bye, bye logic board. It was replaced. Today october 27, 2014 again bye, bye logic board, and bye, bye mac, since I no longer have apple care and spending money fixing it is not worth it. Especially knowing that it will break again.

  141. Brandon Frederick Migliorisi says:

    Yup, I’m on my 4th Logic Board. Yup, forth. It’s a terrible shame and has cost me so much I’m thinking of trying to take legal action. As a DJ and Musician, I have had to cancel gigs, stop in the middle of a wedding, I’ve had to refund paychecks because my MBP is f*cked up.

    My iPhone, iPad and old iMac are all flawless… My MBP is pure shit! And I’m obviously not happy about it. >:(

  142. v says:

    my 2010 macbook just started glitching and decides to work when it wants to…

  143. Thomas Teo says:

    I live in Singapore and I have the same problem with my MBP 17″ 2011. Sent it for repair once under Apple Care and it lasted 6 months after. It broke again after my Apple Care expired and after a few repairs attempts by third party repair shop, it is totally bricked unless I want to replace the logic board.
    The worst part of all is that I upgraded my MBP a month before the graphics broke again, spent a fortune upgrading the RAM to 16GB and gotten a 1TB SSD. Now my RAM will be sunk cost and I need to find ways to use the SSD as external drive – not ideal!

    Is there any way to somehow able to boot up the MacBookPro like a server, i.e. no display and remote desktop into it. At least in this way I can still use the darn machine to crunch number.

    Luckily I read this blog here and I won’t replace the logic board and sink more money into it. Time to cut loss.

    Apple is really disappointing in this.

  144. Aaron says:

    My late-2011 13″ Macbook Pro is waking up with half the lock screen scrambled. This just started today.

  145. Debbie says:

    Same problem here. I’m not a techie, but would reinstalling an earlier software version work? Is this just happening in Mavericks?

  146. Javier Nieto Centeno says:

    I got the problem and need to replace the chip (in a non official repair store) 130$ after the Mac is working… the diagnostic was a broken GPU chip… sometimes Apple sucks…

  147. jheljah says:

    I had a logic board fail after the computer was 13 months old, apple told me I would have to pay for a new logic board ( like $$900). Then I talked to a local computer repair shop and was told to say a few sentences and under fair trad, warranty or no warranty, they would have to fix it,

    I got them to admit that my computer should last longer then 13 months, then I said” so u sold me a manufacturely unsound product. Either you used faulty parts when manufactured or u did not assembly correctly.

    After weeks of arguing I said this and the next day the computer was ready to be picked up with only $100 labour bill.

    Sad to say I’m going to have to do this again. It looks like I am having the Gpu problems everyone else is having on here! This could be my last Mac. Good luck!!

  148. Seth Rosenberg says:

    early 2011 MBP 17″ mac care ran out in june, logic board crash full computer lock, one week gone, replaced, came back slow and jerky, then the screen started pixelating and there was a rattle in the case, back to genius bar, oops forgot to re-attach the hard drive, sorry, should fix everything, back home still pixels, back to mac store, gone a week replaced the logic board again, and the mag safe, the one that had been replaced 2 years ago, ha ha funny story still doesnt work

  149. Ralph says:

    Just recently started having these problems. Started with blue screen and vertical black lines. Now the screen just goes grey and freezes with NO warning. The only way to clear it is to reboot in single user mode and run fsck -fy. This fixes the issue every time until the next sudden failure. I would love to hear some some replies on this issues, other than the $500 board replacement.

    I’ve read fixes that appear to be hiding the drivers. Is that just forcing the laptop to not use the AMD graphics card?

  150. Vial says:

    yep, mine just out of warranty is flickering and turning blue and white lines , im restarting 4-5 times now just to get the screen to show up. I have been complaining about this computer to apple since day one and they never replaced … very disapoined

  151. Lolo says:

    there is an extedned warranty for this issue

  152. Laurence Deslauriers says:

    I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro 13 in.,and the display will all of a sudden go wonky too! I have the Intel HD graphics 3000. It straitens out after a reboot! Just started doing this in the last few weeks. Have had since new. Never been misused! I thought at first it might be software, not sure now. Have the latest up dates as of 2017,07,26.

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