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How to Send Driving Directions from the Mavericks Maps App to Your iOS Device

How to Send Driving Directions from the Mavericks Maps App to Your iOS Device

One of my favorite features in OS X Mavericks so far is the addition of the Apple Maps app. Did you know, you can get driving directions in the Mavericks Maps app, and then wirelessly send them to your iOS device for use on the road, or even print them out for use by your device-less friends and relatives? Here’s how.


After finding the location, or setting up the driving directions in the Maps app in Mavericks, simply click the sharing button in the menu bar:


Then select the device you want to forward them to. (You can also send them via iMessage, email, , AirDrop, Facebook, or Twitter.) You’ll see a little animation indicating your info has been forwarded, and your map or directions will be sent off through the intertubes.

Very soon, you’ll get a notification alert on your phone similar to what’s shown below:


Just swipe the notification, and the Apple Maps app on your iOS device will load with the location or directions you just sent from Mavericks.


What about your friends and family that don’t use a mobile device? What can you do so they can use the directions you just so thoughtfully provided? Simple, in the Mavericks Maps app “File” menu, you’ll see an option to “Export as PDF…” Just click that, name the file, save it, and you’ll have it available to email or print for use by those still stuck in the 20th century.

One quick tip: If you click the sharing button and don’t see your mobile device listed, make sure you’re logged into iCloud on that device. If you know you are indeed logged in on your mobile device, make sure you are also logged in on your Mac. If you are, try logging out of iCloud and logging back in. You can do this in “System Preferences” -> “iCloud”

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  1. Stuart Nicholson says:

    Hmm. Trying to log out so I can log back in to see my iPhone I get the message that if I do so it will delete all my calendar info stored on iCloud. Loath to do this incase all my calendar info on my Mac will go. Then followed by on my iPad and iPhone knowing how badly Apple handles iCloud syncing.

    1. Chris Hauk Chris Hauk says:

      UGH! I didn’t encounter that when I logged out and back in. I’ll look for another way, and let you know if I find anything out.

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