Tim Cook: Unclear if Retina iPad mini Supply Will Meet Demand

Tim Cook: Unclear if Retina iPad mini Supply Will Meet Demand

When questioned about the Retina display iPad mini on yesterday’s earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted that it is “unclear” if the company’s supply for the device will meet the initial demand.



According to Cook, while Apple is aware of how many Retina iPad minis the company can produce, it is unclear how much demand will exist for the tablet. As noted by Apple during the Retina mini’s second-generation introduction, a Retina display has been one of the most requested features for the tablet.

Many sources have suggested the Retina iPad mini will be in short supply until early 2014. Apple has yet to set a specific date for the device’s launch, merely saying it will be released in November.

Although supplies of the iPad mini will be tight, prospective iPad Air customers will most likely find supplies of that device to be substantial. The Air goes on sale November 1st, and Apple is expected to offer same day in-store “Personal Pickup” for the device.

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