Disguise Your Apple TV as a SNES or a Stack of Waffles

Disguise Your Apple TV as a SNES or a Stack of Waffles

Do you want your Apple TV to look like a stack of waffles, but you don’t want to get syrup all over your media center? Then the folks at Killer Duck Decals have you covered – So to speak.


Cult of Mac:

There’s no shortage of vinyl decals to slap on your Mac, but you don’t see them for the Apple TV all that often. Killer Duck Decals, though, is opting to remedy that fact, selling a variety of cool decals for the Apple TV over on their site.

For the small sum of $10, you can transform the look of your tiny square hockey puck to resemble a NES, SNES, or Gamecube game console, a stack of waffles, (complete with syrup and butter), a question block from the Mario games, or apply a really cool “portal” theme.

From the Killer Duck website:

Tired of looking at the black hockey puck of wonder in your entertainment center? Spice it up with a new look.  We’ve done some extensive research to make sure the skins don’t interfere with the use of the remote.  Guess what?  Still totally works.   We’ve broken down the designs into 4 pieces: the top, front panel and two sides. 

If you’re looking to give a little character to your set-top box, this is a pretty cool way to go. Personally, I’m holding out for an Iron Man skin.

The company can also skin your iPhone to make it look like a NES controller – and yes, a stack of waffles – or even R2D2 if you’re into that sort of thing. For more information, visit the Killer Duck Decals website.